10000 psi ball valve

10000 psi ball valve

What is a 10000 psi ball valve?

Valves are made up of different materials and have different pressure rating. One among these is 10000 psi ball valve. It offers reliable shut off function and can handle high pressure.

This valve has an upper and lower bearing that enhances the resistance of trunnion design. This protects it from seizure and enhances the life span. High pressure 10000 psi ball valves have a compact design that provides a spring loaded seat for longer life cycle and lower operating torque even at pressure of 10000 psi.

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10000 Psi Ball Valve Specification

10000 Psi Ball Valve Standard

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Does the direction of the API 6a 10000 psi ball valve matter?

As they are eventually ball valves, they are bidirectional. The material that they are reproduced it does not matter. Therefore, the API 6a 10000 psi ball valve direction does not matter.

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How long does a 10000 psi actuated ball valve last?

The average lifespan of these valves is 8-10 years, but it completely depends upon the way it is maintained. If 1/4 10000 psi ball valve is well maintained and cleaned regularly then they may even last longer.

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How do you check the quality of high pressure 10000 psi ball valves?

To check the performance and quality of the valve you need to open and close the valve several times and simultaneously check the sealing performance of the packing and ensure that there is no leakage. 700 bar ss ball valves can also be put through various other tests depending upon the requirement of the application.

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Can a 1/4 10000 psi ball valve leak?

Yes, if not properly maintained these valves can lead due to the deposition of sediments. The sediments jam the handle preventing it from moving. 1/2 10000 psi ball valve can enjoy a longer life span without any leak or requirement for replacement if they are maintained properly.

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What is the main disadvantage of the 700 bar ss ball valves?

Few disadvantages of these valves include being prone to corrosion. This is because they are constantly in contact with water and acidic substance. 10000 psi hydraulic ball valves are coated specifically so that they can be used in such media.

10000 psi actuated ball valve offer heat code traceability and low operating torque. They also have a colour coded fracture resistant handle and are available in 2 way and 3 way design. Stainless steel 10000 psi ball valve is widely used in oil refineries, chemical plants, oil and gas plants, as well as in the power plant.