13-8 MO stainless steel bar

13-8 mo Stainless Steel Bar

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What is 13-8 MO stainless steel bar?

13-8 is used as a precipitation hardening stainless steel has good strength. A 13-8 MO Stainless Steel Bar has high hardness. A 13 8 MO stainless steel bar also has high toughness and corrosion resistance. It has carbon, manganese, silicon, chromium, etc. A 13 8 MO bar has good transverse toughness properties. It gets these properties from a tight chemical composition. A AMS 5629 13-8 MO bright bar has low carbon content and vacuum melting. The alloy has good flexibility and toughness in large sections. DIN 1.4548 Hex Bars are welded according to standard gas-shielded welding procedures.

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13 8 Mo Stainless Steel Bar Specification

13 8 Mo Stainless Steel Bar Properties

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What is 13 8 MO hex bar Corrosion Resistance

The general corrosion resistance of 13 8 MO is of Type 304. A 13 8 MO Hex Bar has similar rusting resistance of type 304 in that of 5 weight percent salt fog. Many tests have been performed to see that the alloy has a high level of resistance to corrosion in water. 13 8 MO has similar resistance to that of type 304. A 13 8 MO Stainless Steel Bar can show type 304 in 5-weight percent salt fog in H 950. This is the same in oxidizing solids and reducing acids. This also happens at atmospheric pressures.

13-8 stainless steel flat bar and 13 8 MO bar with PMI/ MTC reports

13-8 MO round bar hardness

PH 13-8 MO is a martensitic precipitation hardening steel. A 13 8 MO Bar provides a combination of good toughness. It has good transverse mechanical properties. It has excellent strength and other properties. It is used in aerospace components, injection molding equipment, and the petrochemical and nuclear industry. A 13-8 MO Round Bar has a fine finish which is why it is used in several industries. It is safe for operations and convenient. The proper set of properties is achieved through close control of chemical composition.

13-8 MO round bar and DIN 1.4548 flat bars stock available in smooth turned/ polished finish

What is UNS S13800 rod condition?

This metal is weldable, and inert gas shielding is preferred. A UNS S13800 Rod is melted in Vacuum Induction Finance (VIF). It has very good resistance to chloride and corrosion. It is also heat resistant. It is used in marine engineering and furnaces and gas turbines. A 13-8 Stainless Steel Flat Bar is age-hardening stainless steel with high strength. It has hardness and good resistance to general and stresses corrosion cracking. It is used in injection molding and nuclear industries.

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What is Heat Treatment of AMS 5629 13-8 MO bright bar?

The strengthening mechanism makes it possible to achieve equal strengthening. It is used in heavy sections. Its strength and ductility level can be changed to the application. The AMS 5629 13-8 MO Bright Bar is strengthened by relatively low-temperature heat treatment. Comparing it to 17-4PH, PH 13-8 MO Steel Bar requires only a simple heat treatment. The first step is done at treatment in the range of 950 degrees Fahrenheit to 1150 degrees Fahrenheit. It depends on the combination of strength and toughness. It is used in landing gear, nuclear reactor components, the petrochemical industry, and injection molding equipment.