15000 psi ball valve

15000 psi ball valve

What is a 15000 psi ball valve?

Valves have a different pressure and heat handling capacity. One amongst these is 15000 psi ball valves.it has a higher pressure rating and can be used in high temperature as well.

These valves are designed for a closure which is free from leaks. It also helps in regulating and managing pressure in the piping system. 15k psi ball valves is critical for instrumentation, and process control system.

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15000 Psi Ball Valve Specification

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Where are 15k psi ball valves installed?

These valves are installed in chemical and petrochemical plants, along with oil and gas industries. High pressure 15000 psi ball valves can be used for throttling and straight isolation in flow control or process applications.

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Does the 1000 bar ss ball valves need the pressure to work?

Yes, they need some amount of pressure to operate. They work efficiently with high pressure. 1000 bar ss ball valves may not be able to handle a large amount of pressure however little pressure is required.

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How often should you clean a 15k psi actuator ball valve?

It is advisable to clean these valves once a month or more frequently if they are not regularly in use. Cleaning gets rid of debris and dirt that might have stuck onto the 15000 psi full bore ball valves and prevents it from jamming.

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What is a 1000 bar threaded ball valve used for?

These valves have excellent sealing properties and are cost effective. Therefore, they are usually seen in residential applications such as water or gas pipeline. 1000 bar threaded ball valves also offer better resistance to contaminated media as compared to other valves.

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What is the principle of a trunnion 15000 psi ball valve?

This type of valves has a floating ball which is pushed against the seat to create a seal. They are suitable for low as well as high pressure applications. Trunnion 15000 psi ball valves offers better sealing and requires less torque when compared to other free float valves.

Stainless steel 15000 psi ball valves require the pressure to be relieved before opening the valve for maintenance. The installation sequence needs to be reversed to remove the pipe work of these 15k psi actuator ball valves. The seat and seal are replaced, and the pipe is fixed back.