16Mo3 pipe

16Mo3 pipe

What is a 16Mo3 pipe?

Boilers and many other industrial applications need high-temperature resistance pipes and tubes to transfer water, steam, and other. Not only should they be strong, but also with excellent corrosion resistance for use in many other applications also. 16Mo3 is a low-carbon molybdenum–chromium alloy that suits all the above requirements and has more excellent properties.

16Mo3 pipe is best for applications at elevated temperatures and to resist wear and tear resistance. Also. because these pipes have good welding properties. 16Mo3 pipe carbon steel has high strength and corrosion resistance, making them ideal for industrial boilers, oil & gas, chemical processing and others.

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16Mo3 Pipe Specification

16Mo3 Pipe Properties

What is the ASTM equivalent of 16Mo3 seamless pipe?

ASTM, or American Society of Testing Materials, is the world-famous standardizing organization to specify metals and alloys to know their composition and other information. It will help the users to buy the correct pipes and tubes from the best suppliers.

16Mo3 seamless pipe has a few ASTM equivalents that have the same composition and properties and many similar uses.

  • 16Mo3 seamless pipe
  • EN 1.5415 Seamless pipe
  • NFA 36–205 16Mo3 Seamless Pipe
  • 16Mo3 Steel Seamless Pipe
  • 16Mo3 Seamless Boiler Tube
  • DIN 17175 16Mo3 Welded Pipe
  • UNS K11820 Sch40 Pipe
  • DIN 17175 16mo3 Round Pipe.

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Is 16Mo3 tube carbon steel?

Yes. 16mo3 tube is carbon steel but with less of it in the range of 0.12 to 0.20%. The low carbon makes the tube less complicated; carburizing can increase the hardness. Hence it can be helpful in many applications across many sectors. It is because 16Mo3 is being made per the EN10028 specifications to withstand even high temperatures.
Tubes made of 16Mo3 low carbon steel alloy; are easy-to-weldable steel alloy to make it easy to fabricate. Hence it is best for industrial boilers, steel pressurized vessels, oil, & gas, the chemical industry, and others. It is because of 16M03 steel alloys have a high yield strength of 270 MPA and tensile strength of 440 to 590 MPA.

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16Mo3 vs 13CRMO4-5

16Mo3 and 13CrMo 4-5 are both low-carbon chromium-molybdenum steel alloys with similar properties. But the slight differences in their composition give them unique properties and practical uses. Some differences between 16 Mo3 and Chrome Moly 16 Mo3 beveled end pipe and tubes include the following.

  • The CrMo 16Mo3 boiler pipe has a higher carbon content of 0.12-.020, then the 13 CrMo 4-5, which has 0.08 to 0.18% to have less harness than 16Mo3
  • 13 CrMo 4-5 has higher molybdenum content of 0.40 to 0.80 than 16Mo3 to be stronger and withstand higher temperatures and pressure
  • 13 CrMo 4-5 has chromium that increases its corrosion resistance to 16Mo3
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What is the allowable stress of the DIN 17175 16Mo3 alloy steel pipe?

Allowable stress is critical for pipes and tubes to not break in extreme situations that could cause danger. The unit stress measures its composition and temper for any metal or alloy. For structural design, stress depends on specific safety factors applied to minimum yield strength.DIN 17175 16Mo3 alloy steel pipe has a high yield strength of 270 MPA and tensile strength of 440 to 590 MPa. Hence it has enough allowable stress to be useful even in nuclear reactors apart from the boiler and other applications.

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16Mo3 vs p235gh

16Mo3 and P235GH are both carbon steel with different compositions of other elements. Hence both may have similar properties and also have many differences and uses. Apart from having all the elements of 16Mo3, P235 GH has many more elements to have more properties and uses. A few differences between 16 M03 and P235GH include the following.

  • The titanium in P235GH alloy makes it more robust than 16Mo3 alloy.
  • The additional nickel and copper in P235GH makes it have high strength and corrosive resistance than 16Mo3
  • The extra presence of aluminum and niobium in P235GH than 16 M03 alloy makes it to have unique properties and uses than 16mo3