17-7 PH round bar

17-7 PH Round Bar

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What is 17-7 PH round bar?

A type of stainless steel is 17-7. A 17-7 PH Round Bar is precipitation-hard stainless steel. It provides high strength and is challenging. A 17-7 PH Bar has excellent fatigue properties. It also has good corrosion resistance. A 17-7 PH Rounds has good formability and minimum distortion. This is done when it is heated. It is durable steel. A chromium, nickel, and aluminium alloy are known as a 17 7 PH bars. It has a mediocre level of corrosion resistance. In comparison to 400 services of stainless steel, it is a superior option. It may be used for many things.

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17-7 ph round bar specification

17-7 ph round bar properties

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What is stainless steel grade 17-7 PH rod heat treatment?

The age hardening of 17-4 PH usually has two elements- solution treatment followed by quenching and aging for precipitation hardening treatment. 17-7 PH Bars go through solution treatment at 1050 degrees Celsius for half an hour. The aging temperature can be between 480 degrees Celsius and to 760-degree Celsius for 2 to 4 hours. PH 17-7 Stainless Steel Bars have high strength and are challenging also. They carry good corrosion resistance and formability. They also have many fatigue properties. This alloy is used for various applications in the aerospace industry.

17 7 PH stainless steel round bar and AMS 5644 steel 17-7 PH square bar with MTR EN10204 3.1

What is 17 7 PH bars hardness?

The 17-7 PH Precipitation hardening alloy is semi-austenitic. It is a type of stainless steel that is austenitic. 17-7 PH Round Bar is in the annealed condition but martensitic in the complex condition. It provides high strength and hardness. 17-7 PH Chromium and nickel are two of the numerous essential components found in round bar. Aluminum and manganese are these. It has high resistance thanks to this combination, making it useful for a variety of applications. It also gains toughness, formability, and strength. It may be welded by combining a variety of resistance methods.

Stainless steel grade 17-7 PH rod and SS 17-7 PH bright bars stock available in hardened strain

Is PH 17 7 stainless steel bars magnetic?

It depends on whether it was left in the mill rolled condition before the heat treatment. A Stainless Steel Grade 17-7 PH Rod is semi austenitic grad that becomes martensitic. This happens when it is cold working. If it is magnetic, it will be mill rolled. If not, it was annealed. A 17-7 Ph Stainless Steel Rod offers minimum distortion when heated. It is the sot formable of all grades of PH. It shows the highest strength and hardness. It is, however, less magnetic. This maintains its properties at temperatures up to 800 degrees Celsius.

17-7 Ph stainless steel rod and 17 7 PH round bar available for sale in sizes 3mm to 300mm

What is UNS S17700 hex bar melting point?

A UNS 17-7 bar is used in aerospace, chemical processing equipment, springs, washers, etc. the melting point of a UNS S17700 Hex Bar is 2,550-2,620 degrees Fahrenheit. It is mainly used in power boilers and high-temperature applications. An AMS 5644 Steel 17-7 PH Flat Bar is commonly supplied in the annealed condition because it can harden to high strength. It can be heated up to RH 950 and TH 1050. It comes in different finishes such as black, bright, polished, and so on.