2 way ball valve

2 way ball valve

What is 2 way ball valve?

Ball valves of different styles are available in the market. One amongst these is the valves which is also known as the quarter turn valves.

This type of valves has 2 ports, an inlet and an outlet port that is linked with a ball that has a bore in it. They are operated by turning the operating handle to 90 degrees. These 2 way ball valve are therefore known as quarter turn valves as well.

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Does a two way ball valve have a flow direction?

Since these valves are bidirectional they do not have a flow direction and can be installed vertically or horizontally. However, mostly it is advised that the handle of the valves is installed in the direction of the flow.

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How long does a 2 way electric ball valves last?

Ball valves in general last for 8-10 years irrespective of their actuation type. Be it electric, or manual. The lifespan of these 2 way electric ball valves can be increased by properly cleaning and maintaining them regularly.

Two way ball valve is one of the most commonly used valves in piping applications. The valve has a ball, two ports, and a handle.

What is the purpose of 2 way hydraulic ball valve in a pipeline?

These valves prevent hydraulic shock in a piping system. They are hence used in low pressure applications. It offers a tight sealing thus reducing the chances of a leak. 2 way hydraulic ball valves are relatively easy to use.

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How do you test a 2 way motorized ball valve?

The valve can be tested with the help of a multimeter. The resistance across the 2 motor wires can be tested by turning off the main electric supply. To get an appropriate test result it is important that at least 1 of the 2 wires of the motors must be disconnected from the heating circuit. If the 2 way motorized ball valve is not faulty then they generate a voltage of 2.1 ohms to 2.5 ohms.

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What is the most common application for a 2 way-actuated ball valve?

They are widely used in hot or cold water HVAC applications. They are also used in onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities and fuel gas system feeding furnaces. This valve is also used in supplying drinking water and gas pipelines.

Each 2 way actuated ball valve is available in different sizes and has multiple cv. This helps in achieving precise control that results in linear heat transfer to maximize temperature control. 2 way electric ball valves have certain advantages such as external leakage being blocked and internal leakage can be easily taken care of. 2 way stainless steel ball valve is cheaper, lighter, and fastest to install. The adjustment accuracy of these valves is limited.