20000 PSI tube fittings

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20000 PSI tube fittings

What are 20000 PSI fittings?

A high-pressure rating becomes essential in industrial setups dealing with extreme conditions, for instance, hydraulic systems and chemical injectors. 20000 PSI fittings resist pressures up to 20,000 pounds per square inch (psi). They often rely on a double ferrule design and offer a straightforward, fast solution for tubing. Some industries prefer to call them 1333 Bar pressure fittings, depending on the geographic region or specific requirement.

Connections that must withstand severe pressure use robust materials like stainless steel. Some manufacturers use molybdenum disulfide coating to lower galling. You can find 20000 PSI tube fittings in various sizes, from 1/8 to 3/4 inches. You can find 20000 PSI tube fittings in various sizes, from 1/8 to 3/4 inches.

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Difference between 20000 PSI Back Ferrule and Front Ferrule

Both single- and double-ferrule designs get regularly used in different processes and instrumentation lines. When you use twin 20000 PSI Ferrule Fittings, you have a better chance at safety and reliability in high-pressure systems. The back ferrule is smaller and has a hardened edge in these connections.

On the other hand, the front ferrule is large and also soft. In 20000 PSI pipe fittings, the hard edge of the back ferrule provides the necessary grip. This grip ensures that a connection like a 20000 PSI Tube Union is foolproof and doesn’t buckle under pressure.

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20000 PSI fittings applications

An ultra-high pressure rating is vital for piping in sensitive industries like research panels. 20000 psi hydraulic fittings display excellent opposition to abrasion, corrosion, and vibration. Durable connections, often threaded, are mandatory in chemical sectors. A 20000 PSI Male Run Tee is frequently used for foolproof piping.

Other industries that employ these fittings include water-blasting systems, gas systems, skid panels, and chemical injectors. A 20000 PSI Reducing Union gets used for regulating the flow, creating a galling-proof seal.

When you need connections that stand the test of time, 20000 PSI Welded Fittings are a good pick. You can use butt welding or a weld nipple for installation.

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What is the difference between psi and psig?

PSI, or Pounds per Square Inch, depicts the pressure on a surface of one square inch. It means a 20000 PSI male elbow can handle up to the corresponding degree. But PSIG, or Pounds per Square Gauge, defines things relative to the atmospheric pressure. PSIG is usual in the transportation sector. It works best to measure tire pressure, oil pressure, etc.

The main difference emerges when the atmospheric pressure changes. You can use 14.7 psi as the standard environmental pressure at sea level. For instance, 20000 PSI union fittings will measure about 20014.7 in psig.

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What is the difference between NPT and 20000 PSI compression fitting?

Various pipe threading approaches exist in industrial applications. 20000 PSI compression tube fittings use a ferrule, a nut, and the body. The ferrule creates a tight seal as the nut compresses it into the body. The threads get cut in parallel. With NPT or National Pipe Threads, the male and female fittings wedge closer together upon tightening. Here, the main seal gets created by the threads of the connectors. A 20000 PSI Union Tee could use either approach based on situational factors.

While NPT involves tapering, compression fittings do not. The former also requires thread sealant like PTFE tape. 20000 PSI compression fittings don’t need thread sealant and are easier and quicker to install.