202 stainless steel pipe

202 stainless steel pipe

What is 202 stainless steel pipe?

The material is an austenitic stainless steel with chromium, nickel, and manganese in high concentrations. This makes the pipes less corrosion-resistant. The 202 stainless steel pipe has very good toughness at lower temperatures to room temperature. The strength, hardness, and toughness of the material make it one of the most used precipitation hardening grades.

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202 Stainless Steel Pipe Specification

202 Stainless Steel Pipe Properties

202 stainless steel vs 304

The 304 material has 18% chromium and 8% nickel, but the 202 material has 17% chromium, 4% nickel, and 7.5% manganese minimum. This combination makes the jindal steel 202 price lower because of the reduced nickel content. The combination of the 202 also makes the material harder but less corrosion-resistant than the 304 grade. The customers can contact the suppliers to get a stainless steel pipe 202 price list and compare prices between different suppliers.

202 stainless steel square pipe is sold by a stockist in the Middle East in a range of lengths. verify the presence of corrosion resistance.

How corrosion resistant are ss 202 pipes?

The corrosion resistance of the 202 is less than that of 304 but the ss 202 pipe price is cheaper. Due to the prices, wherever a less corrosion-resistant pipe could be used, the 202 is used. The 202 stainless steel square pipe price makes it suitable for structural applications where not much corrosion resistance is needed. Indoor applications and kitchen utensils don’t need to have 304-grade material. They can simply use the 202 due to the 202 steel pipe price. However, the 202 has high hardness and toughness than the 304 which also makes them brittle.

Check the costs being charged by at least two reputable importers of ASTM a312 tp202 seamless pipe in Dubai. View Jindal ss 202 pipe price list

What are Jindal steel pipe 202 prices in UAE?

Jindal steel pipe 202 price changes according to the shape, size, and the quantity of order. Generally, the prices are around $900 per ton in the UAE for regular, circular pipes. With the different wall thicknesses, schedules, and added specifications, the Jindal steel railing 202 prices will increase. To reduce the prices, customers can make bulk orders.

Many of the stockists on the list provide AISI 202 welded pipe from the top manufacturers, including Jindal, Thyssenkrupp, and others ; see density

What is the density of 202 stainless steel square pipes?

Jindal steel railing 202 price per kg differs from country to country. The metal is heavier than the 304 grade due to its composition. The density of the material is 7800kg/m3. This is because of the low nickel content. So the Jindal ss 202 pipe price list will have some lower prices for you.

Many distributors of ASME sa312 UNS s20200 ERW pipe offer cut-to-length services; ask if the ss 202 pipe is magnetic

Is the ss 202 pipe magnetic?

Magnetism depends on the ferric state of the material. The 202 is austenitic stainless steel and the magnetism is almost non-existent. The Jindal 202 steel price makes it one of the most used brands and grades of steel in general corrosive applications.