202 Stainless Steel Sheet

202 Stainless Steel Sheet

What is 202 stainless steel sheet ?

A stainless steel 202 sheet is an austenitic grade of steel. The 202 Stainless Steel Sheet is utilized to add aesthetic value to the system instead of providing stability to equipment. The sheets are designed in the thickness of the above foils but are thinner than a stainless steel 202 Plate. The sheet metal of this grade is measured in gauges.

The UNS S20200 Sheets are designed with a superior chemical composition of chromium, nickel, nitrogen, manganese, and other alloys. The 2B Finish 202 stainless steel sheet has excellent resistance to corrosive affluents and in oxidative conditions. The sheets have a superior surface finish and tolerances.

The Flat Sheets have a superior mechanical properties. These sheets have a minimum tensile strength of 515mpa with a minimum yield strength of 275mpa. A Werkstoff Nr. 1.4373 Perforated Sheet can be elongated by 40% in the system. These sheets showcase an elastic modulus of 207 GPA. ASTM A240 UNS S20200 Strips can be used to weld different equipment efficiently in the system.

The SS 202 coil is rolled sheets that are wound soon after the rolling process. These coils can be transported and later sheared in different sizes and shapes. Similar to sheets, the 202 SS Hot rolled Plate is processed at elevated temperatures. The devices have an excellent forming capacity as it reaches their recrystallization limit. A 202 stainless steel Cold rolled Plate is processed at room temperature, giving them superior strength and hardness.

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202 Stainless Steel Sheet Specification

202 Stainless Steel Sheet Properties

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Which is better stainless steel 202 or 304 ?

The SS 202 and SS 304 are both austenitic grades of steel. The 304 austenitic grade is designed primarily containing a higher content of nickel. The 202 tends to substitute elements like manganese and nitrogen in their chemistry. They also have some content of nickel in their composition.

The SS sheet 202 price is cheaper than the SS 304 grade due to its lower content of nickel. The 304 sheet has better corrosion resistance properties compared to the SS 202 grade. For regular kitchen equipment and less volatile material, the 202 SS sheet price is ideal. However, for harsh conditions, the SS 304 grade is an ideal choice.


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What is toughness of 202 stainless steel sheet ?

The SS 202 stainless steel sheet has superior strength and enhanced toughness in lower temperature conditions. The sheets have a hardness between 50 to 60HRC max.


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What is ss 202 sheet temperature range ?

The SS 202 sheet is designed to work in temperatures in ranges up to 600 degrees C. The ASME SA240 grade 202 checker plate works well across lower temperature conditions.


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What is jindal stainless steel sheet 202 price list ?

The Jindal SS 202 sheet price list varies based on the chemical content and any modifications required in the sheet. The robust 202 stainless steel sheet price starts from $2.93 in 4×3 sizes.


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Does 202 grade stainless steel rust ?

The 202 stainless steel is designed to withstand different corrosive environments. The stainless steel 202 Clad Plate has enhanced resistance to halogen-free organic and inorganic compounds. The material can also withstand organic and diluted mineral acids. SS 202 Rolling Plate can also withstand higher chloride environments; however, they are prone to stress corrosion at 50 degrees C. This is dependent on the applied stress and chloride concentration within the environment.