20MNV6 hollow bar

20MNV6 Hollow Bar

What is a 20MnV6 hollow bar?

Hollow bars through the central bore are stronger than pipes and tubes because of the thicker walls.
Also, with less weight, they are cost-effective solutions in many applications in various sectors. 20MnV6 is a low-carbon steel alloy of manganese and vanadium with high tensile and yield strength.

20 MnV6 hollow bars made of micro alky with silicon have excellent machinability. It also has sulfur to have outstanding weldability to make it best for many sectors. The manganese and the vanadium make it have high yield strength of 440 – 570 MPa and tensile strength of 620 – 790 MPa, best for many applications that need high strength.

20MNV6 Hollow Bar dimensions, and specification

20MNV6 Hollow Bar Specification

20MNV6 Hollow Bar Properties

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What are the equivalent standards of a 20mnv6 hot rolled hollow bar?

20MnV6 Hot Rolled Hollow Bar has many equivalent standards worldwide. Made from 20MnV6, it is easy to weld and machine because of the sulfur and phosphorous content. It has many specifications in many countries as per their standards that include.

  • In Europe, it is EN 10294-1
  • In France, it is NF A49312 20MV6
  • In Germany, it is W.Nr 1.5217 20 MV6 and W.Nr. 1.8905 SIE 460
  • In Great Britain, it is BS 4360 Gr.55
  • In US it is UNS KL01907 and K12202

20MnV6 bars have different specifications according to the standards of prestigious institutions in many countries. But all these specifications of 20MnV6 bars have the same properties to be useful for many industrial purposes.

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What is the supply condition of EN 10294-1 grade 20mnv6 carbon steel hollow bars?

Top suppliers provide EN10294-1 grade 20 MnV6 carbon steel hollow bars in the normalized condition. The open bars are made from low-carbon steel with vanadium micro-alloy, and manganese and are primarily supplied in a black but rolled state.

Supply of hollow bars made of EM 10294-1are in specific lengths to fulfill the requirement. Supply of hollow bar sizes can be 30 to 250mm for OD or outer diameter of 10-170 mm of ID or inner diameter. Hollow bars get marked as per the customer request and standards for supply conditions. The top supplies provide a 3.1 inspection certificate that confirms hollow pipes made with EN10204 standards and specifications.

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What is the color code of 20mnv6 seamless tubes?

20 MnV6 seamless tubes and others have different color codes that provide critical information about their hazards. It helps workers to avoid accidents by stopping cutting the wrong pipes, lines, and hollow bars not to get affected by their hazardous content.

Color coding is one of the five elements of effective tube marking to provide all the information from the direction of flow, temperature, pressure, and others. The Euro norm EN 10204 has red color coding to change the content of the hollow bar useful for specific purposes.

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What benefits of carbon steel grade 20mnv6 hollow bar?

Carbon steel grade 20MnV6 Hollow Bar has many excellent properties and benefits. The micro steel alloy with many elements like vanadium, manganese, sulfur, and others with carbon less than 0.22% makes it ideal for oil & gas refineries, petrochemical projects, nuclear power stations, on-shore and off-shore marine operations, and many more.

These hollow bars have many benefits in many critical sectors because of their high yield strength of 440 to 5570 MPa. The tensile strength is also at highs of 600 to 790 MPa to withstand aggressive environments in the sea or nuclear plants.

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Where is 20mnv6 steel pipe used?

20MnV6 steel pipes are best useful in many applications in several sectors because of having various excellent properties. Hollow bars with nothing in the centre t are cost-effective solutions with enough strength than full tubes. The thick wall of the open bar is helpful in many typical applications.

There are many places where 20MnV6 pipes are useful. It includes applications in conveyor rolls, bushes, hollow shafts, cylinders, rings, nuts, loose parts, and components. Since 20Mn V6 alloy has outstanding machinability because of silicon. And also has precise control of sulfur to offer excellent break-up of swarf, speed, and increasing feeds for all machining operations.