253ma Plate

253ma plate

What is 253ma plate ?

The 253ma is a lean austenitic grade of heat resistant alloy steel. A 253ma Plate is designed with a chemical composition of carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorous, sulfur, nitrogen, chromium, and nickel. The superior content embedded in 253ma stainless steel composition gives them excellent corrosion resistance and oxidative reducers in harsh environments. The robust 253ma Steel Plate has higher creep rupture strength and oxidation resistance up to 2000 degrees F. The versatile Uns S30815 grade has a density of 7.8 g/cm3 and possesses a melting point between 1371 to 1432 degrees C. They have a modulus of elasticity of 200 gpa.

The 253ma material has excellent mechanical properties. It has a minimum tensile strength of 600mpa with a minimum yield strength of 310mpa. The Avesta 253 Ma Plate can be elongated by 40% in the system. These plates have a Brinell hardness of 217 max HB. The 253ma material equivalent grades are the SS 2368, DIN 1.4835, EN x9crnisince21-11-2, UNS S30815, DIN x9crnisince21-11-2, etc. 253ma Plate Suppliers supply these plates in different sizes and shapes to suit all customer requirements. There are several vendors and sellers in the market, but Buy 253 Ma Plate from us. We offer the best plates of this grade at the most reasonable prices.

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253ma Plate Specification

253ma Plate Properties

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253ma vs 310 stainless

The 253ma and 310 are two grades of stainless steel. The major difference between the 253ma Vs 310 Stainless steel grade is the addition of cerium, silicon, and nitrogen in 253ma. The SS 310 grade has better nickel and chromium content. The creep resistance of the Ra 253 Ma Plate is twice the SS 310 grade. The SS310 grade is approved for use in pressure vessel systems up to 1500 degrees F. The RA253 is approved for use in pressure vessel systems up to 1650 degrees F.


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How half hard 253ma steel plate is made ?

The half hard 253ma steel plate is produced as metal is cold rolled to hardness next to somewhat softer than full temper.


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What is the best way to weld 253ma stainless steel plate ?

The 253ma stainless steel plate has good weldability by all standard fusion welding procedures with matching filler metals.


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Is the 253ma material magnetic ?

The 253ma material is an austenitic grade that is not magnetic in nature. The 1.4835 material has a relative magnetic permeability at 23 degrees C.


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253ma vs 316 stainless

The SS 316 and 253ma are popular stainless steel grades that can be differentiated on certain features. The major difference in the 253ma Vs 316 Stainless grade is their chemical composition. The SS 316 has better corrosion and oxidation resistance properties than the 253ma grade.