254 smo pipe

254 SMO Pipe

What is 254 SMO pipe?

Pipes have been in use by humans for thousands of years for transporting liquid and gas. From 1830 wrought iron pipes carried water, turning to steel pipes in the early 1900s. Hence the evolution of pipes for nearly the past two centuries is now with many elements to have the right properties suitable for many applications in various sectors.

254 SMO pipe is one of the austenitic steel pipes with high molybdenum of above 6% and chromium of around 20%. Hence, it has higher strength and corrosion resistance than the 300 series stainless steel pipes. So, it finds wide use, from petroleum production to saltwater handling.

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254 Smo Pipe Specification

254 Smo Pipe Properties

What is S31254?

S31254 is an austenitic steel grade used as an alternative to expensive titanium and nickel alloys. It is because of its 6% molybdenum, along with chromium, nickel and other elements to have high strength. UNS S31254 pipe made from high-end steel alloy produces is best for use in many applications in aggressive environments.

The reputed 254 SMO pipe suppliers supply superior quality SMO pipe and tubes for specific applications requiring high pitting and crevice corrosion resistance. Its high workability makes it best for seawater handling systems, flue gas desulphurization in power plants, chemical processing units, and many others.

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254 SMO stainless steel vs. 316

Stainless steel or rust-free steel for over a century revolutionized the piping industry. From 1913 it evolved to many variations and grades, changing chromium content to provide superior corrosion resistance. 254 SMO stainless steel pipe and 316 pipes, though made from stainless steel, have many similar properties and differ in a few, including the following among others.

  • 254 SMO seamless pipe has higher molybdenum of 6 to 6.5 % than 316 to be twice stronger than it
  • DIN 1.4547 seamless tube also has high nickel and chromium content than 316 to be even substituted for expensive titanium alloy pipes
  • UNS S31254 pipe, with more excellent properties than 316, has wide use in many applications in various sectors

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Is SMO 254 pipe cost-effective?

Yes. SMO 254 pipe without a doubt is more cost-effective than many pipes. Especially for pipes made of titanium and nickel alloy pipes. It is because these pipes being made of high-end steel have excellent properties. Hence SMO 254 pipes find use in many applications at reduced costs but with high quality.

Sandvik 254 SMO pipe has a high PREN or pitting resistance equivalent number above 42. Which is even more than pipes made of expensive alloys. Also, it has a high tensile strength of 600 MPa, yield strength of 300 MPa and Brinell Hardness of 210. Hence, it is cost-effective with no compromise on high strength or corrosion resistance.

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Is 254 SMO tube machinable?

Machinability is an important characteristic of any alloy to make pipes and tubes with an excellent surface finish for the free flow of fluids and gases. 254 SMO tube is easily machinable using powerful machines, sharp tools, slow speeds, and enormous lubrication.

The machinability of 254 SMO stainless steel is challenging because of its exceptionally high work hardening rate. Also, the lack of sulfur content makes it arduous to get the best surface finish. Hence using powerful machines with care is essential for the easy machinability of this high-end austenitic steel.

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Why is 254 SMO tubing suitable for saltwater handling?

The chemical combination of 254 SMO tubing makes it best suitable for applications in any aggressive chloride-bearing media. 254 SMO has chromium 20%, nickel 18%, nickel 18%, molybdenum 6%, and nitrogen 1% to have superior strength and corrosion resistance.

254 SMO alloy having PREN or pitting resistance equivalent number above 42, is suitable for saltwater handling applications. It’s easy weldability and formability also make it ideal for handling and processing halide chemicals. Also, it has high chloride resistance than other steel alloys like 20 904L, 825, G to be suitable for applications even in brackish and seawater.