254 Smo plate

254 smo plate

What is 254 smo plate ?

The 254 smo is a stainless austenitic grade. A 254 smo plate is designed with a chemical composition of chromium, nickel, molybdenum, nitrogen, carbon, and iron. The superior chemical content in the 254 smo steel plate gives them enhanced resistance to corrosive and oxidative media. The plates are resistant to chloride stress corrosion cracking, pitting, and crevice corrosion. The 6mo plate is characterized by good ductility and high impact strength. These plates have nearly twice the strength as common austenitic grades. The debate to find the best alloys between 254 smo vs super duplex still rages today. The duplex steel may have strength, but the 254 smo grades are cheaper and more efficient.

The versatile alloy 254 smo hot rolled plate has a density of 8 g/cm3 with a melting point between 1320 to 1390 degrees c. These plates have a modulus of elasticity in the tension of 195gpa. Asme sa 240 254 smo stainless steel cold rolled plate has an excellent surface finish and tolerance. The plates have superior strength in comparison to the hot rolled plates. The sa 240 uns s31254 clad plate is common in petroleum production, saltwater handling, and food and chemical processing. These plates are also a feature in desalination equipment, offshore oil and gas production equipment.

The 254smo stainless steel coil is wound after the rolling process and later transported. These coils can be cut in different sizes as per the project needs. The aisi 254 smo coil has outstanding thermal conductivity, capacity, and outstanding electrical resistivity. The robust 6 moly foil is a thin metal grade that protects the material from corrosion and heat treatment procedures. The 254 smo stainless steel equivalent is astm a813, a69, a269, a240, a182, a814, a312, and a249. The plates can be welded following standard procedures. The 254 smo plate suppliers supply these plates in different sizes and shapes as per customer requirements.

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254 Smo Plate Specification

254 Smo Plate Properties

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254 smo sheet vs 316

The smo 254 and 316 are two grades of stainless steel. The major differences between the 254 smo stainless steel vs 316 are the strength, corrosion resistance, and price. The 254 smo steel is designed with a superior nickel, chromium, and molybdenum content as compared to the ss 316 grade. This gives the werkstoff nr. 1.4547 strip has better strength and corrosion resistance properties. The ss316 grade is cheaper when compared to the 254 smo grade.


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What are delivery condition of UNS S31254 plate?

The 254 smo sheet can be delivered heat treated conditions. The sheets can also be supplied in solution annealing, tempered, and other conditions. The smo 254 sheet price is dependent on the delivery conditions of the sheets.


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Why machining on ASTM A240 UNS S31254 plate is tough ?

The 254 smo plate is difficult to machine due to its higher hardening rate. This is due to the lack of sulfur content in the plate. However, utilizing sharp tools, positive feeds, and a good amount of lubrication can enhance the machining quality.


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Which filler material is used for SA 240 S31254 sheet welding ?

The welding of the alloy 254 6 mo sheet requires a filler material due to its poor strength properties. Filler materials similar to aws a5.14 ernicrmo-3 and alloy 625 are utilized to weld it in place. The astm a240 uns s31254 perforated sheet welding can use these electrodes, which have to match with aws a5.11 enicrmo-12.


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