2b Finish Stainless Steel Sheet

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2b Finish Stainless Steel Sheet

What is 2b Finish Stainless Steel Sheet?

A 2b finish stainless steel is designed with a smooth and reflective surface. The process of get a 2B finish uses cold rolling, heat treatment, and pickling. The 2b finish stainless steel sheet is the most common finish type and has a shiny finish. The finish is easy to maintain, making it highly versatile.

The 304 2b stainless steel sheet has primary constituents of chromium, nickel, sulfur, silicon manganese, carbon, and phosphorous. This gives the SS 304 2b Finish to be highly tolerant to corrosive environments and oxidative affluents. They have resistance to intergranular corrosion and outstanding durability.

The SS 304 2b grade has excellent tensile and yield strength while having an elongation rate of 40% in the system. The stainless steel sheet 304 2b is an austenitic grade and can be welded following standard procedures. These sheets are highly malleable and can be stress relieved. The Aisi 304 2b grade is commonly seen in food processing, chemical containers, kitchen appliances, and the construction industry

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How do you get 2B finish?

A 304 2b finish has a smooth and reflective finish. This is achieved as steel is cold rolled annealed and pickled to give a refined finish. The versatile 304 stainless steel 2b finish is produced imparting a final light cold rolled pass utilizing polished rolls to give it a moderately reflective shine. A 2b finish in stainless steel is chemically resistant and has enhanced tolerance to the oxide layer. The steel is very economical, having a base cost.


2b Finish Sheet Price list

Size 8 “x 12”, Grade 304 (Heat Treatable Sheet)
Thickness Price USD/Pcs
0.25 in US $313.23
0.375 in US $371.65
0.5 in US $439.95
0.625 in US $501.08
0.75 in US $534.13
1 in US $661.09


Specification of SS 304 2b Finish Sheet

Product Cold Rolled 2B Finish Sheet
Grade 304
Standard JIS G4304, ASTM A240, DIN17460, BS 1449, DIN 17441
Width 1219/1000/1500/1220/2000/1800mm
Thickness 0.2 – 6mm
Length 1 -12 Meters
Containler Size 40ft GP: 12032(Length)x2352(Width)x2393mm(High)
20ft GP: 5898(Length)x2352(Width)x2393mm(High)
40ft HC: 12032(Length)x2352(Width)x2698mm(High)
Surface Finish Hair Line with PVC, BA, 2B, 6K, 8K, No.1, Mirror Finished, No.4, No.2,
Width * Length 1219mmx2438mm, 1000mmx2000mm, 1500mmx3000mm, 1250mmx2500mm, 2000mmx6000mm, 1524mmx3048mm ( 5 ft x 10 ft, 4 ft x 8 ft )
Brand Outokumpoo, POSCO, Jindal Stainless, Aperam, TISCO, Bahru Stainless
Manufacture Technology Cold Rolled, Hot Rolled
Origin Japan, India, Europe, Korea, USA, Germany, Brazil
Test Certificate Third Party Insection As per EN 10204 3.1,, Buyer Inspection
Packing  Customized Pallets or Wooden Pallets
Other Custom Tests Non Destructive Testing, Destructive Testing, PMI Inspection


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SS Sheet 2b Finish Application

  • Architectural Paneling
  • Sinks, Kitchen Benches, Appliances
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Threaded Fasteners
  • Chemical Containers
  • Springs

SS Sheet 2b Finish Application


Most Selling Types of 304 Stainless Steel 2b Finish

2b Finish Stainless Steel Sheet

2b Finish Stainless Steel Sheet

SS 304 2b Finish Sheet

SS 304 2b Finish Sheet

SS Sheet 2b Finish

SS Sheet 2b Finish

304 Stainless Steel 2b Finish Sheet

304 Stainless Steel 2b Finish Sheet

Stainless Steel Sheet 304 2b

Stainless Steel Sheet 304 2b

Aisi 304 2b Stainless Steel Plate

Aisi 304 2b Stainless Steel Plate


What is 2b finish ra value ?

Ra for a 2B finish can range from 0.3 (12) to 1 (40), depending on the metal’s gauge.

Surface finish EN 10088-2 Type of process route Surface roughness as in EN 10088-2 Notes
2B Cold rolled, heat treated, pickled, skin passed, Smoother than 2D. Ra typically in the 0.30-0.50 μm range


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Shear Cut vs Laser Cut of SS 304 2b Sheet

A shear cut device with an Ss sheet 2b finish uses power driven tools to manually slice through metal. The sheets are usually cut with circular saws, band saws, drills, and milling machines. A 2b Mill Finish metal shearing is cheap and is very accurate. The cutting process for metal shop operations is not possible for hard metal.

A 2b stainless steel sheet makes use of a powerful laser that can cut through it with extreme accuracy and precision. Laser cutting of a 2b 304 stainless steel sheet is simple and can be done with a custom design. There is no required for retooling as it has a CAD program. The laser cutting service to achieve a sheet to produce a Stainless Steel Sheet 304 2b finish is very fast and versatile.


Stainless Steel Sheet 304 2b Sizes

Width Thickness Length
3.780 48.00″ 13ga 120.00″
1.008 48.00″ 24ga 120.00″
5.040 48.00″ 11ga 120.00″
1.260 48.00″ 22ga 120.00″
2.016 48.00″ 18ga 120.00″
2.520 60.00″ 16ga 120.00″
1.510 48.00″ 20ga 120.00″
1.512 60.00″ 20ga 120.00″
5.671 48.00″ 10ga 120.00″
0.756 48.00″ 26ga 120.00″
3.150 48.00″ 14ga 120.00″
4.411 48.00″ 12ga 120.00″
2.520 48.00″ 16ga 120.00″


2b Finish Stainless Steel Advantages and Disadvantages

The 2b finish Ss sheet is designed having excellent corrosion resistance properties. The steel finish has enhanced tolerance to high temperatures and oxidative environments. A 2b finish sheet has outstanding resistance to intergranular corrosion. The steel has outstanding durability and is capable of adjusting to different temperatures.

The stainless 2b finish is weak in environments that have high exposures to chloride environments. The elements of this finish are prone to rust due to pitting and crevice corrosion. A stainless steel 304 2b grade is difficult to machine due to its hardening rate.


What is Acid Treatments On 2b Finish Sheet ?

  • De-scaling
  • Removing Ferrous Contamination/Passivation
  • Wet Etching

Acid Treatments On 2b Finish Sheet


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Aisi 304 2b Stainless Steel Plate Documentation

  • Fumigation Certificates
  • Heat Treatment Charts
  • Raw Material Test Reports
  • Material Traceability Records
  • Guarantee Letter
  • Commercial Invoice which includes HS Code
  • NABL approved Laboratory Test Reports
  • MTC
  • Certificate of Origin

Aisi 304 2b Stainless Steel Plate Documentation


What is 2b Finish Grit ?

The polishing lines are finer and the finish is more reflective as the grit number increases.For No. 2B material, the finisher would first set the scratch with a 120-150 grit belt or drum on the linear finisher before applying a fine or 180-220 fleece nonwoven drum or fine belt to complete the job.

Grit Finish


2b Mill Finish Sheet Dimensions

Product Width (mm) Thickness (mm)
(No.1) Hot rolled coils 800 to 2000 3 to 10mm
(2D/2B/BA) Cold rolled coils 800 to 1300 0.2 to 3mm
Stainless steel Sheet/Plate 800 to 2000 0.2 to 100mm


Product Name Thickness Sheet Size
304 2B Mill Finish 20 Gauge Sheet 20g (.0329″ to .0389″) 24″x48″
20g (.0329″ to .0389″) 48″x48″
20g (.0329″ to .0389″) 48″x120″
304 2B Mill Finish 22 Gauge Sheet 22g (.0269″ to .0329″) 24″x48″
22g (.0269″ to .0329″) 48″x48″
22g (.0269″ to .0329″) 48″x120″
304 2B Mill Finish 16 Gauge Sheet 16ga (.0548″ to .0648″) 24″x48″
16ga (.0548″ to .0648″) 48″x48″
16ga (.0548″ to .0648″) 48″x120″
304 2B Mill Finish 18 Gauge Sheet 18g (.0438″ to .0518″) 24″x48″
18g (.0438″ to .0518″) 48″x48″
18g (.0438″ to .0518″) 48″x120″
304 2B Mill Finish 14 Gauge Sheet 14g (.0697″ to .0797″) 24″x48″
14g (.0697″ to .0797″) 48″x48″
14g (.0697″ to .0797″) 48″x120″


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Few Tips for Buyers

The first step is to select an Ss 304 2b Finish Stainless Steel Sheet supplier who is reputed in the industry. Check for certifications and customer feedback for better assessment. Next step would be to check the manufacturing techniques of the Aisi 304 2b stainless steel plate. Further certifications and mill certificates should be checked to see the quality of the material. The logistics of the Ss304 2b grade should be checked before finalizing the deal.