3 way ball valve

3 way ball valve

What is 3 way ball valve?

Ball valves are available in various styles that are required for different applications. One such type is the 3 way ball valve that has 3 ports it can be either 1 inlet and 2 outlets or 2 inlets and 1 outlet.

These valves have 3 ports and are available in 2 shapes T and L. and L shaped valves can send the flow of fluid in one direction or the other. It can also completely shut off the flow if required. Whereas, a T shaped Three way ball valves also performs the same functions but cannot be completely shut off. Moreover, these valves can also mix fluid from 2 ports are segregate the fluid coming from one port into 2 different ports.

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How does a three way ball valve work?

The handle of the 3 way valves is turned which rotates the ball inside the valve. This aligns the cutout in the valves to allow the fluid to pass from the inlet to the outlet. 1 inch 3 way ball valves can also be rotated so that the T aligns and fluid coming from all 3 ports can be mixed.

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How long does a 3 way brass ball valve last?

These valves can last up to 10 to 12 years however if maintained properly their life span can be extended. 3 way brass ball valves require proper maintenance so that they can work efficiently and produce the desired result constantly.

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Where are 3 way electric ball valves used?

These valves are used in applications where the flow from one inlet is used and diverted to other outlets. They are also known as diverter valves. 2 inches 3 way valves is widely used in the mining and irrigation, food, and power generation industry. The basic concept of use is in the applications that require the isolation of one line or diversion.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the 3 way flanged ball valve?

These valves are easy to clean and cost effective in the long run. This is because the main body of the valves can be easily removed and cleaned. Changing the seal and seat of the 3 way motorized ball valves is cheaper than changing the entire valve. Also if maintenance of these valves is required you need not shut down the entire piping system. This 3 way electric ball valves can be cleaned and maintained with the piping connectors still on.

These 3 way flanged ball valves come with certain disadvantages. Though the replacement and maintenance are cheaper the upfront cost of these valves is on the higher side.

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Does flow direction matter on a 3 way sanitary ball valve?

The direction of flow does not matter because it is a multidirectional valves. It can use the flow from any inlet and divert it to an outlet and vice versa. 3 way sanitary ball valves is ideal for cleaning services application and food processing applications.

3 inch 3 way ball valves also allows the elastomers to be changed to accommodate the change in pressure, temperature, and so on.