3000 psi SAE flange

3000 psi SAE flange

The flanges display absolute toughness and strong mechanical properties and provide secure dependable connections. 3000 psi SAE flange are hydraulic flanges which are strong and durable widely use in the lifting transportation, engineering construction, piping systems, metallurgy applications.

The flanges are available in several different types which includes socket-weld counter flanges, socket-weld neck flanges, screw-in counter flanges and screw-in flanges.

3000 psi high pressure sae flanges have excellent strength with high durability.

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Keep in mind that this product is suitable for use case up to 400 bars of pressure conditions. Above this pressure limit, it might face degradations.

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3000 PSI SAE Flange specification

3000 Psi Sae Flange Specification

ISO Standard Nominal pressure Available size
ISO 6162-1 3000 PSI DN13 (1/2″) – DN127 (5″)
Maximum Operating Pressures Sealing Type & Code
Up to 350 bar All Type ‘O’ Rings SAE Flange
Manufacturing Process (3000 PSI SAE forged flange) Specification Material (3000 PSI SAE plate flange) Material Specification
  • Casting
  • Plate
  • Forged
  • Stamped
  • Copper nickel (for sea water):
    • ASTM B151
    • Copper Nickel 70/30
    • WL 2.1972, C70620, 90/10 Cu-Ni, CW352H, C7060T, EEMUA 234/3-6,
  • AS (Alloy steel) : ASME SA182 Gr F1, Gr F5, Gr F9, Gr F11, Gr F12, Gr F22, Gr F91
  • Titanium (Ti): B381 F2/3/5/12
  • Super Duplex and Duplex: F53 (UNS S32750), F55 (UNS S32760), F60 (UNS S32205), F61 (UNS S32550), ASME SA182 Grade F44 (UNS S31254), F51 (UNS S31803)
  • Inconel: important grade (Alloy 600, 601, 625, 718,) 601GC, 602CA, 603XL, 617, 625LCF, 686, 690, 693, 706, 718SPF, 725, 740H, X-750, 751, MA754, MA758, 783
  • Hastelloy: C-22, C-22HS, C-276, C-2000, G-3, Nickel B, B-2, B-3, C, C-4, G-35, N, S, W, X G-30
  • Monel: 400, K-500, 401, 404, R-405, 502
  • Low Temp Carbon Steel (LTCS): ASTM A350 Gr LF2/ LF3/ LF6
  • SS (Stainless Steel) : ASME SA182 Grade (most selling grade F304/L, F316/L, F316Ti), F310/S, F321/H, F347/H, F317L, F904L
  • Nickel alloy: ASME SB564 Gr 200, 201
  • Incoloy: 800/H/HT, 803/ 825/ 832/ 864/ 890/ 903/ 907/ 908/ 909/ 925/ 926/ 945/ 945X/ MA956/ DS/ 330/ A-286/ 27-7MO/ 020/ 028/ 25-6HN
  • Carbon steel :
    • ASTM A181 Class 60, CL 70
    • SA694 CS F42/ F46/ F52/ F56/ F60/ F65/ F70
    • Carbon Steel ASTM A105
  • SS (Stainless Steel) : ASME SA240 (top Gr F304/304L, F316/316L), F316Ti, F310/310S, F321/321H, F347/347H, F317L, F904L
  • LTCS: ASTM A516 Gr 70, Gr 65, Gr 60
  • Super Duplex and Duplex: ASTM A240 F53 (UNS S32750) and F55 (UNS S32760), F60 (UNS S32205) and F61 (UNS S32550), F44 (UNS S31254), F51 (UNS S31803)
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90° SAE flange 3000 psi Have excellent vibration resistance property.

The flanges exhibit strong heat tolerance application along with high pressure resistance.

SAE 3000 psi threaded flange Provide secure and tight seal to prevent leakage.

The flanges display strong corrosion resistant property.

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There most common industrial standard testing methods for 3000 psi BSPP SAE are:

Radiography- this method involves detecting flaws in the thickness and mechanical properties of the flange.

Ultrasonic – uses x-ray to detect surface and internal flaws or damages present in the material.

Eddy current- uses electromagnetic induction to detect flaws in the surface and sub surface of the material.

Hydrostatic- this method is used to detect how much pressure can the material can withstand.

Contact SAE 3000 psi threaded flange suppliers in GCC countries as per a182 American specifications, check 3000 psi high pressure SAE flanges application and advantages

The main manufacturing method used for the SAE 3000 psi split flange is forging method which is also generally known as split flange clamp.

The process involves by cutting of the SAE flange clamp into two halves.

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SAE 3000 hydraulic flanges stainless steel material working pressure must be reduced by 40% when the temperature exceeds 50 to +1000C, 11% above 100 to +2000C and 20% above 200 to 2500C.

3000 PSI SAE flange estimated import price and shipping time variations :

Kuwait Singapore Azerbaijan
Estimated Shipping 10 days 8 days 30-45 days
Extra cost 5% 5% 5%
Egypt Turkey Libya
Estimated Shipping 18 days 21 days 45-60 days
Extra cost 5% 5% 5%
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