302 stainless steel round bar

302 Stainless Steel Round Bar

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What is ASTM A276 type 302?

The ASTM A276 specification covers stainless steel materials comprising chromium and nickel. The Type 302 grade refers to cold-finished or hot-finished bars. The standard composition of a SA 276 TP 302 forged bar is chromium (17-19%), nickel (8-10%), and manganese (2%). It also has traces of carbon, silicon, phosphorus, and sulfur.

Customers can order various extruded shapes like round, AISI 302 square bar, hexagonal, etc. This material frequently gets used in springs, fasteners, clamps, connectors, etc. You can also choose different heat treatments, like annealing, tempering, and hardening. This specification requires the material to undergo a mechanical test for tensile strength, yield strength, Brinell hardness, and elongation.

Before ordering check R&D capabilities of sus 302 stainless steel hex bar and flat bar with manufacturers

What is a UNS S30200 bright bar?

UNS S30200 refers to Grade 302 of stainless steel. Customers can order this raw material in the form of a bright bar. It gets manufactured through cold drawing in a reduction mill. The name stems from its vibrant appearance emanating from its geometrical precision.

A UNS S30200 bright bar is in high demand in industries that value a superior finish and specific dimensions. For instance, they work in mechanical parts for heavy machines, construction, and automobiles. Their utility is widespread because they get easily fabricated in customized shapes, like the ss 302 rectangular bar.

Check aisi 302 stainless steel cold rolled round bar and UNS S30200 square bar stock tolerances and dimensions

Which test reports should you ask for from sus 302 stainless steel hex bar manufacturers?

Obtaining quality test reports is vital to guarantee the performance and suitability of the product. ASTM A276 type 302 hex bar manufacturers should provide you with a Mill Test Certificate or MTC. It contains the physical examination results and confirms the product quantity, specification, grades, etc.

You can also ask for other results like ultrasonic, mechanical, and chemical tests. Mechanical testing checks the tensile strength and fatigue resistance in the SUS 302 stainless steel flat bar. Chemical analysis confirms the composition and verifies that the properties match the desired requirement. The above reports will help rule out any surface defects or anomalies in the internal structure of AISI 302 hex bars. When left undiagnosed, these issues can cause systemic failure and performance loss.

SS 302 hexagon bars and DIN 1.4319 rectangular bar diameters range from 2mm to 400mm

How to check 1.4310 AISI 302 rounds tolerances?

The grade 1.4310 AISI 302 round bar is an austenitic stainless steel comprising chromium and nickel. Here, AISI refers to the American Iron and Steel Institute. This material is available in the annealed and cold-worked states. Its corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, and ductility make it popular in many industries.

The dimensional tolerance of this grade is within the range of +/-2mm. It allows for the set deviation in length or thickness. Bars greater than 2” in diameter have only plus tolerance, i.e., they will measure at least their nominal size. Customers can check the tolerances for SUS 302 rods for the desired size in the AISI specification tables.

Common 6 uses of SS 302 hexagon bars

These stainless steel bars display excellent corrosion resistance and also withstand oxidation. An ASTM A479 grade 302 hexagonal bar is available in different sizes from 3/16″ to 3″ inches. It has intrinsic advantages in applications that demand strength and toughness. The primary uses include:

  • Construction industries for support through different types of beams
  • Automotive and aerospace, like aircraft parts and manifolds
  • Shipbuilding
  • Heavy machinery and earth-moving equipment
  • Food processing equipment, like water filtration, milk processing, and wine making
  • Paper and pulp processing
  • Other general engineering industries like cement and mining