303 stainless steel round bar

303 Stainless Steel Round Bar

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303 stainless steel bar stock, equivalent, tolerances, composition and mechanical properties | Top 7 verified suppliers who quote low prices

303 stainless steel round bar specification

303 stainless steel round bar properties

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What is the standard tolerance for a SA 276 gr 303 forged bar?

This alloy mainly comprises chromium (17-19%) and nickel (8-10%). A SA 276 Gr 303 forged barmay contain manganese, phosphorous, selenium, and sulfur.The standard tolerance under this specification is +2/-0 mm. However, based on client requirements, manufacturers can follow tolerance levels from classes like H8, H9, H10, etc.

The high machinability of 303 stainless steel bar stock makes it indispensable for applications like screw machines, electrical components, shafts, etc. Manufacturers aim to match tight dimensional tolerances for quality assurance in these sectors. The adherence to tolerance goes up in precision-ground round bars. They undergo polishing to meet high standards for surface finish, straightness, etc.

303 round bar and 303 stainless steel hex bar are suitable for engineering applications

How do I verify a material test report of a 303 stainless steel rod?

A material test report is critical to verify the chemical composition and required product properties. This report (also called a Mill Test Certificate or MTC) contains results of inspections, non-destructive testing, etc. We recommend asking the manufacturer for this report while purchasing a 303 stainless steel rod.

Buyers can verify an MTC by tallying the product info – alloy, quantity, composition, etc. – with the order. Checking the heat number can help weed out fraudulent vendors and fake reports. Another red flag during verification is large product quantities reported under tests. It is a common mistake that spurious mills commit.

Various types of 303 stainless steel round bar

SS 303 forged bar

SS 303 forged bar

ASTM A276 Type 303 Rod

ASTM A276 Type 303 Rod

SUS 303 Bright Bar

SUS 303 Bright Bar

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What are the characteristics of ss 303 round bar?

Many industries value fabricability, such as engineering applications, electronic gear, machine parts, etc. An INOX 1.4305 shaft (Grade SS 303) displays brilliant machinability. It is also sturdy and smooth with a high hardness (Brinell hardness of 190), good tensile strength (620 MPa), and a defect-free finish. This characteristic makes it suited to intricate, complicated parts.

Customers can order these raw materials in the cold-drawn or hot-rolled state. It uses sulfur, which can lower corrosion resistance. However, it remains competent at tolerating some harsh agents like seawater. It can also resist oxidation.

UNS S30300 rectangular bar and ss 303 round bar are available in different sizes as per ASTM A479/ A276 standards

How does cold drawing affect the material properties of ss 303 hex and square bars? What are the standard sizes?

Cold drawing is a commonly used manufacturing process for industries that demand stringent dimensional tolerance. It involves passing the melted bar through a drawing machine (after cooling). This step adjusts the diameter and length of the raw material to meet customer needs. A 303 stainless steel hex bar can get produced through cold drawing. The last step in the procedure is annealing and polishing.

This process provides control over the shape and size of the product. It is much more precise and offers a better surface finish than hot forming. A 303 stainless steel square bar manufactured through this approach can show strict dimensional tolerance. Its mechanical properties are also better.

The standard sizes for these hex bars are 12mm to 45mm in diameter. The lengths can range from 2000mm to 6000 mm. Square bars are available in lengths up to 6.5 metres.

Top 3 benefits of using ASTM A276 type 303 round bars

The addition of selenium imparts benefits to ASTM A276 type 303 rounds. Many applications that require intricate machining employ these bars, including aircraft fittings, nuts, screws, blades, instruments for oil wells, and electronic gear.

  • Superior machinability: This material exhibits excellent fitment for grinding and polishing. The scrap losses are low, which reduces overall costs.
  • Superior galling: These bars resist wear and tear created from adherence to a contact metal
  • Corrosion resistance: They can tolerate corrosive agents like pure oxygen and seawater. However, the high machinability does affect the corrosion resistance to some extent.