304 stainless steel springs

304 Stainless Steel Springs

What are 304 stainless steel springs?

The SS 304 spring is a fastener that absorbs stress, load and prevents elastic deformation. These 304 Stainless Steel Springs have good corrosion resistance properties and work in harsh environments. They can handle different pressure and temperature conditions. A 304 Stainless Steel Spiral Torsion Spring prevents any wear and tear in the system. These springs exert little to no force on the equipment once they are inserted. The UNS S30403 Die Springs resist any sought of vibration and are very reliable. These springs have good mechanical and physical properties. A DIN 1.4301 Leaf Spring can be heat treated to enhance its performance. These springs are designed with a melting point of 1450 degrees C and are available in different sizes and specifications.

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304 Stainless Steel Springs Specifications

304 Stainless Steel Springs Properties

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What is the maximum elongation of a 304 stainless steel spring wire?

The maximum elongation of the SS 304 spring wire is 45 to 50 percent. If the 304 Stainless Steel Spring Wire is elongated over its stipulated value, it will lead to failure.

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What are ASTM A313 type 304 tension spring used for?

The SS 304 ASTM A313 springs are used in an array of applications. ASTM A313 Type 304 Tension Spring is a feature in the automobile sector, chemical process equipment, medical units, and pharmaceutical equipment. These 304 SS Coil Springs are also a feature in nuclear power generation, refining units, the beverage sector, etc.

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Do SS 304 springs have high yield strength?

The SS 304 springs have excellent yield strength and resistance. These SS 304 Springs have minimum yield strength of 230mpa.

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What is the function of a stainless steel 304 compression spring?

The SS 304 compression spring is an open-coiled helical spring constructed to oppose compression along its axis. A Stainless Steel 304 Compression Spring condenses the force until it is released. These springs get shorter as load is applied on the spring.

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What are the characteristics of AISI 304 extension springs?

The AISI 304 extension spring is a helical wound spring that creates tension in the coil. These Aisi 304 Extension Springs resists force applied against the ends of this extension. They help determine how closely or tight the coils are attached. The extension springs have good resistance to corrosive media in harsh environmental conditions.