304L Stainless Steel Sheet

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304L Stainless Steel Sheet

What is 304L Stainless Steel Sheet?

A SS 304L sheet is a low carbon flat piece metal having varying thickness. The 304L stainless steel sheet is designed with a superior chemical composition of chromium, nickel, and other constituting alloys. A stainless steel 304l sheet is thicker than a foil but thinner than a plate in thicknesses between 0.5 to 6mm. The sheet are used in building structures that don’t require any durability and strength. The 304l stainless steel sheet price ranges between $2.76 to $3.2 per piece.

304L Stainless Steel Sheet

The SS 304L sheet are designed in either a hot or cold rolling process. Stainless steel 304l hot rolled plate is produced at high temperatures till it reaches its recrystallization limit. These plates are easy to shape and work with. The UNS S30403 cold rolled plate works at room temperature. These plates have superior strength and outstanding tolerances compared to hot rolled plates.

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Verified Suppliers

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ASME SA240 304l 2b Sheet Price

Size 12 “x 12”, Grade 304L (Cold Finished)
Thickness Price USD/Pcs
0.022 in US $36
0.03 in US $25
0.034 in US $37
0.045 in US $55
0.057 in US $64
0.071 in US $98


Specification of SS 304L Sheet

  • Standard: ASME-SA240, ASTM A240
  • Sheet Length: 3000 to 12000 mm
  • Width : 900 to 2400 mm
  • Surface Treatment: 2B, Natural, Mirror
  • Cutting Services: Waterjet cutting , Laser Cut Stainless Steel, Plasma Cutting Services
  • Sheet Thickness : 0.02 to 4mm, 4.5 to 100mm.


Other industry standards we comply with:

  • RR SABRe Edition 2
  • GE Aviation S-SPEC-35 AeDMS S-400
  • DFARS Compliant
  • W.NR 1.4307
  • GE Aircraft Engine (GT193)


304L Stainless Steel Sheet Standard Inventory Specifications

  • ASME SA 240
  • ASTM A 479
  • ASTM A 276
  • ASTM A 484
  • ASTM A 240
  • AMS 5511
  • UNS S30403
  • AMS 5513


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Most Common Types of 304L Stainless Steel Sheet

UNS S30403 Clad Plate

UNS S30403 Clad Plate

SS 304L Flat Sheet

SS 304L Flat Sheet

Werkstoff Nr. 1.4307 Rolling Sheets

Werkstoff Nr. 1.4307 Rolling sheet

ASME SA240 304l 2b Sheet

ASME SA240 304l 2b Sheet

304L Stainless Steel Sheet

304L Stainless Steel Sheet

304l Stainless Steel Plate

304l Stainless Steel Plate

DIN 1.4307 Polished Plate

DIN 1.4307 Polished Plate

Brushed Stainless Steel 304L Sheet =

Brushed Stainless Steel 304L Sheet

SS 304L Flat Sheet

SS 304L Flat Sheet


Difference between dull, mirrored, polished and mill finish 304l stainless steel plate

A DIN 1.4307 polished plate has a shiny smooth surface finish having high luster. These plates have outstanding corrosion resistance properties. They are easy to clean and are not suited for harsh conditions. A mill finish is a surface texture after a metal exists in the rolling mill. The 304L stainless steel rolling plate is usually rough and lacks luster.

A mirror finish stainless steel 304L plate has a reflective scratch free surface. The plates have a smooth finish and a shiny appearance. A dull finish is produced using friction. The brushed stainless steel 304L sheet has a rough finish and is well suited in harsh environments.

finish 304l stainless steel plate


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What is ASTM A240 Type 304L?

The 304L Stainless Steel Sheet can be corrugated or diamonded to give them higher strength without increasing its weight. These sheet are available in coiled strips and pieces. A SS 304L Flat sheet has tolerance to corrosive affluents and works well in highly oxidative environments. The versatile ASME SA240 304l 2b sheet is non-magnetic and can be welded following standard welding procedures.


UNS S30403 Clad Plate Size Range

DFARS Temper Thickness Width Length 304L Stainless Steel Sheet Specification
No 0.0291 48 120 IN ASTM A240 AMS5511
No 0.0291 48 120 IN
No 0.0291 48 96 IN
No 0.0291 36 96 IN
No 0.0595 48 144 IN
No 0.0291 48 96 IN
No 0.0595 60 144 IN
No 0.0595 72 144 IN
No 0.0595 60 120 IN
No 0.0595 48 96 IN


How to Test Material before accepting the delivery?

Inspecting a 304l stainless steel plate helps in efficiently determining the product quality. Before accepting delivery you should check the material for any physical damage. You can check the test reports and also check whether the serial numbers match that on the material.


SS 304L Flat Sheet Testing

  • Spark spectroscopy
  • Chemical test
  • Pitting Resistance Test
  • X-ray fluorescence
  • Instrumental test
  • PMI Testing
  • Hardness Test

SS 304L Flat Sheet Testing


Are SS 304 and 304L Sheet the same?

Chemical and mechanical characteristics of Type 304 and 304L are extremely similar. The carbon content is the only variation between them; 304 stainless steel has a maximum range of 0.08% carbon while 304L has a maximum range of 0.03% carbon. The steel’s carbon content in this range has an impact on the tanks’ ability to resist corrosion.


304L Stainless Steel Rolling Plate Thickness

304L Stainless Steel Sheet Thickness 304L Stainless Steel Sheet
0.038″ | 0.95mm 20 gauge
0.109″ | 2.78mm 12 gauge
0.120″ | 3.05 mm 11 gauge
0.063″ | 1.59mm 16 gauge
0.078″ | 1.98mm 14 gauge
0.050″ | 1.27mm 18 gauge


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Difference between pickled, annealed and sheared in SS 304 sheet

The annealed WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4307 rolling sheet are heated at specific temperatures. This helps remove any impurities from the metal and increase its ductility. A pickled process is done to remove scales and impurities from the surface of the 304L Stainless Steel Sheet. A sheared ASTM A240 UNS S30403 clad plate is a metal that is cut or rolled to get it in precise sizes.


What is Heat Treatment of 304l Stainless sheet?

All types of 304L Stainless Steel Sheet must undergo heat treatment, such as

  • solution treatment
  • annealing
  • ageing treatment

Before delivery to ensure that their mechanical qualities, such as tensile strength, yield strength and hardness and elongation satisfy the specifications.

Heat Treatment of 304l Stainless sheet


UNS S30403 Cold rolled Plate Weight

Thickness Size in inches Plate Weight per Unit Area
1 96 42.665 lbs/ft² 208.29053 kg/m²
5/16 13.746 lbs/ft² 67.107972 kg/m²
1 1/4 53.001 lbs/ft² 258.750882 kg/m²
1/2 21.663 lbs/ft² 105.758766 kg/m²
1/4 11.162 lbs/ft² 54.492884 kg/m²
3/4 32.123 lbs/ft² 156.824486 kg/m²
3/8 16.496 lbs/ft² 80.533472 kg/m²
5/8 26.831 lbs/ft² 130.988942 kg/m²


Application of DIN 1.4307 Polished Plate

  • Sinks & splash backs
  • Petrochemicals
  • architectural trim
  • Food processing
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Marine equipment
  • Cutlery and flatware
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • chemical processing equipment

Application of DIN 1.4307 Polished Plate


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304l Stainless Sheet Chemical Composition

304L Stainless Steel Sheet 2% 0.03% max 0.03% max 0.045% 18 – 20% 0.75% max 8 – 12%


Mechanical Properties of ASTM A240 Type 304L Sheet

Imperial Metric
Elongation at Break (in 2″) 55% 55%
Tensile Strength, Yield 42 ksi 290 MPa
Tensile Strength, Ultimate 95 ksi 655 MPa
Rockwell Hardness B84 B84


SS 304L Sheet Equivalent

Stainless Steel grade European Standard Swedish SS British Standard (Old) UNS No Japanese JIS
No Name BS En
304L Stainless Steel Sheet 1.4306 X2CrNi19-11 2352 304S11 S30403 SUS 304L