309 stainless steel round bar

309 Stainless Steel Round Bar

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What is 309 stainless steel round bar?

It is a high alloy austenitic stainless steel known for its good corrosion and oxidation resistance. It is highly ductile, allowing it to be easily machined, or welded. In addition, its low carbon content will enable it to remain immune from sensitization, making it ideal for cryogenic environments. Due to the heat-resistant nature of 309 Stainless Steel Round Bar, it is widely used for components exposed to elevated temperatures, such as food processing equipment, kitchenware, water heaters, and nuclear steam supply systems. Its composition provides superior wear resistance even in highly corrosive conditions such as acids and other harsh environments.

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309 stainless steel round bar specification

309 stainless steel round bar properties

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What is 309 stainless round bar used for?

This round bar is a heat-resistant steel grade often used for many applications. Its resistance to corrosion makes it a popular choice for making items exposed to extreme temperatures, like cookware and turbine blades. Its good strength-to-weight ratio and nonmagnetic properties make it ideal for making aircraft parts, ovens, appliances, exhaust systems, cryogenic tanks, valves, pump components, and surgical instruments. It is also used in architectural structures such as bridges and roofs because of its durability. 309 Stainless Round Bar can be cold-worked or hot-worked, depending on the application.

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Application and advantages of SS 309 rods

These stainless steel rods are commonly used for various applications due to their excellent strength, resistance to corrosion, and heat-resistant properties. They can be used in applications such as acid storage tanks, nuclear power plants, and manufacturing parts for the aerospace industry. In addition, these rods have excellent thermal stability, formability, and weldability compared to other stainless steel grades. SS 309 Rods are also economical regarding fabrication costs and maintenance due to their high performance and low cost of ownership. This makes them widely applicable in many industries.

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What is tolerance of DIN 1.4828 flat bars?

The tolerance of these flat bars depends on the particular manufacturer and the application of the material used. DIN 1.4828 is used for higher temperature applications and requires a closer dimensional tolerance compared to other steel grades. Generally, for DIN 1.4828 flat bars, tolerance levels of 0-0.2 mm are achieved to maintain uniformity in shape, size, and other characteristics throughout the bar. However, depending on its intended application, some manufacturers might achieve even lower tolerances than that, as it helps increase performance levels.

Stainless steel 309 cold finish round bar and SUS 309 square bar length varies from 3m to 6m

Difference between brushed & polished SS 309 bar

The surface finish is the main difference between brushed and polished stainless steel 309 bars. Brushed stainless steel has a dull matte texture, whereas polished stainless steel has a glossy reflective look. Polished SS 309 Bar is more resistant to corrosion and abrasion, making it an ideal choice for industrial applications. Additionally, the polished bar has a brighter aesthetic appeal, making it well-suited for architectural designs and decorative features. Conversely, the brushed bar is often less expensive than its polished counterpart, and its textured surface may be desirable for projects requiring grip or non-slip surfaces.