310 stainless steel round bar

310 Stainless Steel Round Bar

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What is 310 stainless steel round bar?

Built as a superior material, 310-grade stainless steel suits high-temperature corrosive environments. The 310 stainless steel round bar is a circular bar made out of this tough austenitic alloy for use in different industries. With 19-22% nickel and 24-26% chromium as primary components, it guarantees to be strong and anti-corrosive in high-temperature plants.

The length and dimensions of the SS 310 round bar vary as per the DIN, EN, ASTM, JIS, ASME, BS, and AISI norms. This bar is made while qualifying for ASTM A479, A276, and many more global standards. All these standards and norms point to the changing applications and dimensions of the type 310 bar.

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310 stainless steel round bar specification

310 stainless steel round bar properties

What is SS 310 round bar high Pressure?

There is a limitless range of 310 Stainless Steel bar products used in plumbing work for high pressure tolerance. UNS S31000 round bar comes under this austenitic alloy group known to thrive in high pressure and temperature conditions.

Due to the higher chromium content, 310 stainless round bar resists to oxidizing, cementing, sulfiding, carburizing and nitriding activities up to 2010° F under high pressure conditions. This low carbon and nickel alloy version is found suitable for high pressure settings including thermal plants, petroleum refinery, power generation, and many more.

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What are the types of UNS S31008 forged bar Testing?

Normally, toughness, mechanical strength, and structural finish are better when UNS S31008 forged bar is made from austenitic SS. It has high heat, temperature, and corrosion/scratch resistance. The forged bar is known to come with specific dimensions for use in reduced atmospheres.

Different types of testing are done to ensure the best quality forging of 310 stainless steel bars for end users. Any extra testing should be carried out as requested by the customer. However, the most common ones are as follows: mechanical test, Spectro/chemical test, IGC/PMI test, hardness/toughness test, non-destructive application test, and macro-micro test to name a few.

Non-destructive testing are performed on 310 round bar and 310 stainless steel rod to ensure crack free surface

What is the purpose of a 310 SS bar Weight Distribution Hitch?

The mechanism of 310-grade bar weight distribution helps to ensure a safe and smooth ride minus swaying at the time of towing a trailer. A 310 SS bar weight distribution hitch will level the vehicle towing and share the load of the trailer all over the body of the vehicle without putting more weight on its rear axle.

Technically, the SS 310 round bar connects the vehicle to the towing trailer. With the weight distribution hitch, it is kept under tension to balance the tongue weight better. While managing the downward momentum of the tongue weight, the 310 bar tension controls the towing trailer on road.

UNS S31000 forged bar and 310 SS flat bar stock available in drawn, peeled, turned or ground

What is the melting point of ASTM A276 gr 310 bar?

The high-performing austenitic stainless steel is the core material used in the production of a wide variety of ASTM A276 Gr 310 bars. ASTM A276 is an American specification meant for cold-drawn and hot-rolled SS bars coming in different shapes, sizes, and finishes. It specifies the chemical structure and mechanical strength while certifying the bar to be apt for corrosive applications.

The high percentage of chromium gives ASTM A276 Type 310 rod the ability to operate and survive in temperatures as high as 1454 °C or 2650 °F. That’s why; the melting point of the A276 gr 310 bar is 1454 °C to be precise.

DIN 1.4845 hex bar and ASTM A276 gr 310 square bar come in lengths up to 5,000 mm

What is ASTM A276 type 310 bar used for?

ASTM A276 is the American quality specification covering both cold-drawn and hot-rolled 310 stainless bars. The ASTM A276 310 stainless round bar supplied all over the world shows high-temperature resistance along with good weldability and ductility.

Due to its high chromium composition, the stainless steel 310 round bar applies to different industries and applications. It withstands oxidation in high-temperature applications that could go above 1150 °C. Similarly, there is a wide-scale use of 310 SS bars for intermittent service applications going beyond 1040 °C.

From structural and automotive applications to fabrication, cement, aerospace, shipbuilding, and paper and pulp industries, the ASTM A276 type 310 bar is everywhere.