321 Stainless Steel Sheet

321 stainless steel sheet

What is 321 stainless steel sheet ?

Stainless steel 321 sheets are an austenitic grade stabilized by Titanium. The 321 Stainless Steel Sheet also has chromium and nickel alongside other alloys embedded in them. This gives them enhanced tolerance to corrosive and oxidative environments. The DIN 1.4878 Flat Sheet has a carbide precipitation range between 427 to 816 degrees C. This allows the sheets to be stabilized by intergranular attacks. A AISI 321 sheet has a higher carbon content and enhanced creep resistance and strength.

The plates can be hardened using cold working procedures and can be welded following standard fabrication processes. The versatile 2B Finish 321 stainless steel perforated sheet has a density of 7.920 g/cm3. The sheets have a melting range between 2550 to 2635 degrees F. The ASTM A240 UNS S32100 Strips have outstanding tensile and yield strength. These strips have a hardness of 217 max Brinell. The robust 321 SS Rolling Sheets can be customized as per requirements.

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321 Stainless Steel Sheet Specification

321 Stainless Steel Sheet Properties

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Is 321 stainless better than 304 ?

The 321 stainless steel plate has higher strength allowing it to work in higher temperature applications. The grade also has better ductility and tolerance to stress fracture. A SS 321 Hot rolled Plate is used in a higher carbide precipitation range that is not seen in the SS 304 grade. Apart from this, the UNS S32109 Cold rolled Plate has better mechanical properties than the SS 304 grade.

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Is ams 5510 sheet magnetic?

The 321 stainless steel grade is an austenitic grade of steel. The grade is thereby non-magnetic in nature.

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Is 321 stainless steel plate really rust proof?

The stainless 321 sheet is a titanium austenitic stabilized grade. The sheets have good corrosion resistance and are tolerant to intergranular corrosion. They have an excellent chromium carbide precipitation range and possess higher creep and stress rupture properties. A wound Stainless Steel 321 Coil is prone to rust when exposed to reducing media after a long period. If these sheets exceed the chromium carbide precipitation range above 816 degrees C, they are prone to corrosion.

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What are the advantages of 321 stainless steel coil ?

The stainless steel 321 sheet has excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion in a temperature range between 800 to 1500 degrees F. The addition of titanium in the Werkstoff Nr.1.4541 checker plate allows it to be stabilized against chromium carbide formation. The devices also work in higher temperature services and have good mechanical properties. The 321 stainless steel plate helps eliminate the need for re-annealing for fabrication procedures.

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My stainless steel is either 321 or 321h, how can i tell?

The SS 321H plate and SS 321 grade can be identified by the amount of carbon embedded in it. The SS 321H Plate has a higher carbon content and is difficult to weld as compared to an SS 321 grade.