330 stainless steel pipe

330 stainless steel pipe

What is 330 stainless steel pipe?

Metal pipes are used in various applications to provide specific properties to the pipes and meet the requirements. There are different grades and categories of pipes, and each of them is suitable for a certain area of application. The 330 stainless steel pipe is an austenitic stainless steel alloy that is corrosion-resistant, oxidation-resistant and carburization-resistant, and thermal shock-resistant. The material is also hard and strong.

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330 Stainless Steel Pipe Specification

330 Stainless Steel Pipe Properties

What is the melting point of the ss 330 pipes?

The pipes have 17% chromium, 34% nickel, 2% manganese, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, carbon, and the balance of the composition is iron. This particular composition makes the 330 stainless steel pipe highly heat resistant. The melting point of the pipe is in the range of 1371 ° Celsius to 1399 ° Celsius. This is an advantage because high-temperature applications can use the ss 330 pipe pipe without having to worry about extra thermal regulation. But the prices are high due to the high nickel content in the material.

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What is the ss 330 pipe annealing temperature?

Since the material has high nickel content and has high melting point range, the ss 330 pipe has to be heated up to 700° Celsius before let cooling down to room temperature under cold air or water. The rapid cooling but not faster than the rate of cooling under the air makes the WNR 1.4864 Welded pipe hardened and stronger.

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Can you heat treat Aisi 330 seamless pipe?

Heat treatment wouldn’t improve the hardness of the material. It would simply heat up and cool down, therefore, the AISI 330 seamless pipe cannot be heat treated. However, after welding the pipes into systems, to make sure that the pipes have similar qualities along the length, the Alloy 330 Pipe can be heated and cooled down, but it doesn’t improve the hardness of the pipe.

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How to weld 330 stainless steel welded pipes?

The high-temperature resistance of the materials makes the pipes suitable for welding without preheating or post-weld heat treatment. However, to avoid welding cracks and grooves, the Type 330 stainless steel welded pipes can be welded with appropriate filler metals.

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What is uns n08330 seamless pipe used for?

UNS N08330 Seamless pipe has very high-temperature resistance and oxidation resistance at high temperatures. These qualities make the pipes suitable for industrial heating furnaces, boiler fixtures, gas turbine components, bar baskets muffle, alloy grids, flare tips, and other high-temperature components in various applications. The AISI 330 pipe is widely used in systems that require heat resistance regardless of their high prices.