347h stainless steel pipe

347h stainless steel pipe

What is a 347h stainless steel pipe?

Metal alloys are used to produce pipes of various capacities to be used in different industries. Austenitic stainless steels are some of the most used in the world. The 347h stainless steel pipe is made from such a grade that is designed for high oxidation resistance and high-temperature resistance. The pipes are in the range of 2mm to 219mm in outer diameter and the wall thickness of these pipes ranges from 0.5mm to 20mm.

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347H Stainless Steel Pipe Specification

347H Stainless Steel Pipe Properties

347h vs 347 pipe

The material has carbon in its composition and based on the carbon content, the pipes can be high carbon pipes or low carbon pipes. The ss 347h pipe has high carbon content up to 0.1%. This allows the pipes to have high toughness. But the 347H cannot be annealed due to the high carbon content. Both variations have the same 205MPa minimum yield strength and 515MPa tensile strength.

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What is ss 347h pipe stabilizing heat treatment?

The stabilizing heat treatment is to make sure that the carbides formed due to the carbon presence are stabilized. Instead forming chromium carbides, the 347h stainless steel pipe can be stabilized to form titanium carbides or colombium carbides which are stronger. To do this, the material has to be heated to 1625° F. At this temperature, the stainless steel grade 347h Welded pipe is thermally stabilized. However, after welding, further stabilization is needed.

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347h vs 304h

The 304 ang the 347 are both austenitic stainless steels with 18% chromium and 8% nickel in the composition. The 347 grade has 3% molybdenum and titanium and columbium addition. The added metals make the ss 347h pipe highly corrosion resistant than the 304 material. The hardness and strength are also improved and the 347 can be heat treated and stabilized to have much better mechanical properties. Yet, both grades have 205MPa minimum yield strength and 515MPa tensile strength. The melting point of both grades is similar around 1400 to 1450° Celsius.

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What is aisi 347h seamless pipe density?

AISI 347H seamless pipe has a density slightly lower than that of 304. The density of 304 grade is 8000kg/m3 where the density of the 347h material is 7960kg/m3. The difference is mainly because of the addition of molybdenum in 3%. The WNR 1.4961 Welded pipe has high malleability and heat capacities due to the addition of titanium, colombium, and molybdenum.

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Which welding method is used to weld uns s34709 seamless pipe?

UNS S34709 Seamless pipe can be welded with traditional methods. Selection of the correct filler metal is vital though. Since the material has a high heat capacity, it doesn’t need to be preheated for welding. However, due to the possibility of chromium carbide formation in this high carbon version, it is good to thermally stabilize the material after welding.