3LPE Coated Pipes

3LPE Coated Pipes

Wide range of characteristics is provided by 3LPE coated pipes. This is because this coating prevents the pipe to contact both internally and externally with environmental conditions. This is done to achieve the corrosion resistance behavior.

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Verified Suppliers

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The main reason for 3LPE pipe to be widely demanded by customers is because of their non-degraded performance. Considering this, top notch and assured quality products are supplied by the suppliers at pipingmaterial.ae. Here, you would only get listed, genuine and verified suppliers who quote reasonable pricing based on the standards that is set by you.

On the other hand, they even ensure that the product confirms to material standards and that customers are provided with accurate information. For instance, pipes with 3-layer polyethylene coating involves the below mentioned coating process:

  • Preheating in induction.
  • Epoxy coating,
  • Conveyor and inbound rack.
  • Water cooling, etc.

These are some of the reasons why this platform is one of the leading and prominent 3LPE coating pipe suppliers in UAE.

3lpe coating specification

3LPE Coated Pipes Specification

3LPE Coated Pipes size 3lpe coated pipes OD Operating temperature
  • 8 inch to 64 inch
  • 60 to 3000 mm
  • -40 °C to 80 °C
3lpe pipe material End 3lpe coating standard
  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Alloy steel
  • Plain
  • Treaded
  • Bevelled
  • GB
  • SAE
  • DIN
  • AMS
  • ASTM
  • AISI
  • EN
  • JIS
  • ASME
Thickness Value Added Services Coating
  • SCH 5
  • SCH 10
  • SCH 20
  • SCH 40
  • SCH 80
  • SCH 160
  • Mechanical rough machining
  • Carburizing
  • Blanking
  • Mechanical finishing
  • Tempering
  • Polishing & grinding
  • Annealing
  • Cold extrusion molding
  • Forging mold blank
  • Recrystallization annealing
  • FBE
  • Fusion bonded epoxy
Form Manufacturing standards Length
  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • DIN 30670
  • AS 4321
  • IS 3581
  • Single Random
  • Double Random
  • Cut length Pipe
  • Standard
Testing methods 3-layer polyethylene coating features 3 coating layers
  • Hardness Test
  • IGC Test
  • Radiography Test
  • Positive Material Identification
  • Ultrasonic Test
  • Macro & Micro Test
  • Non Destructive Test
  • Surface Roughness Test
  • Durable lifetime
  • Flexibility
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Good resistance of impact
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • 1st layer : Fusion bonded epoxy
  • 2nd layer : Adhesive
  • 3rd layer : PE layers
3lpe pipe marking Test Certificate 3lpe pipe coating process
  • Length
  • Thickness
  • OD
  • Manufacturer/Supplier name
  • Grade
  • Standard
  • Heat No.
  • Manufacturer Test Certificate
  • Third Party Inspection
  • Laboratory Test Report from Government Certified Lab
  • MTC EN 1024 3.1/3.2
  • Inbound Rack and Conveyor
  • Induction Preheating
  • Shot Blast
  • Epoxy Coating
  • Adhesive and PE coating
  • Water Cooling
  • Checking Platform
Internal coating Packing Cutting techniques
  • Spray epoxy paint
  • Bundles
  • Wodden box
  • Wrapped with polypropylene sheets
  • Pasltic bag
  • Water-Jet
  • Tapping
  • Burrless Cuts
  • Sawing
3lpe coating thickness PE pipe material PE Anticorrosive coating
  • 4.2 milimeter
  • Polyethylene top coat
  • Grafted adhesive
  • Copolymeric
  • Powder epoxy primer
  • ISO 21809-1
Hardness Codes of standards for 3LPE Coating
  • Shore D
  • > 55
  • Thickness of all three layers : Annex A of DIN 30670
  • Impact resistance : annex of H of DIN 30670
  • Thermal analysis : CSA Z.245
  • AS 4321
  • IS3581

Which chemicals are used in 3lpe coating?

Below is the associated table that gives a clear picture on the chemical composition.

Material Chemical composition Thickness
Fusion Bonded Epoxy primer or FBE It is composed with calcium silicate and TiO2, which are dispersed uniformly with A diglycidyl ether, which is an epoxy based organic matrix of bisphenol. 150 microns
Copolymer adhesive Main chemical composition includes, nitrile rubber, ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), SIS (styrene-isoprene-styrene), SBR(styrene/butadiene co-polymer) and ethylene-vinyl acetate. This is formed by the chain-growth polymerization. 200 microns
Outer polythene layer This material is formed by C2H2(ethylene) 1.6-2.95mm

Minimum size requirement for inside and outside 3lpe coating

Below are some size considerations, that one must check before ordering

For outside & inside coating:

  • Minimum pipe diameter required should be 2″
  • Length required for this purpose should be up to 29.52″

Approximate price per meter only for outside coating

  • For only coating outer diameter, estimated pricing starts from US $10.
  • For pipes in bulk amounts, the price range is somewhat around US $400-900.
  • In ideal use case, small or large diameter pipes having external coating, comprise pricing starting from US $0.5-100. This is the price per meter.

Approximate price per meter for both inside and outside coating

  • Approximate pricing starts from US $10, for the pipes which require both internal and external coating.
  • Price variation take place based on coating, pipe diameter and length size, availability and demanded quantity.

What are the advantages of 3lpe coating?

  • Because of the FBE coating included on pipes, it exhibits excellent and superior corrosion resistance.
  • It also offers solutions to engineering applications, thanks to the mode of manufacturing of system of 3LPE.
  • The polythene protection or PE, offers efficiency and simplicity in their transportation and installation, at cost effective alternatives.
  • Other than this, to enhance the project requirements or logistics, one can manufacture it at coating plants, which can be multiple or single.
  • Offers excellent properties within -400-850C operating temperature conditions.

Must see the difference between 3lpp and 3lpe coating here and check the 3lpe coating cost of different wall thicknesses with various genuine stockists in the Middle East

Differences emerge when comparing the two. This depends on the application mode too. When chemical resistance is considered, 3lpe coating wins the race, where they can resist major chemicals, alkalis and acids. On the other hand, 3pp coating can resist only bases and solvents.

Adding to this, 3lpe is costlier than 3pp, because of the addition of materials. Also, simplistic installation alternatives are seen with 3pp than in 3lpe. So, check for each aspect and the one that suits should be then chosen.

Purchase 3LPE carbon steel pipe in various sizes from the oldest importer in GCC Country with 100% Sample Retention, compare 3lpe vs FBE

Though both offer wide range of benefits, there is one major difference. In 3LPE carbon steel pipe, it involves coating of the pipe with an aim to resist corrosion from an external environment.

On the other hand, FBE is used for internal coating of pipes; which helps to resist corrosion from fluids, and is widely demanded by piping and chemical industries.

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Not only cost efficiency and benefits play a major role, but it is also important for customer to check whether the product is genuine or not.

Considering this, the 3lpe coating specification is done as per the below mentioned standards:

  • DIN 30670
  • ISO 21809-1
  • CSA Z245.20
  • CSA Z245.21
Are you struggling with the price of your existing traders and distributors of 3lpe coated pipes? Here is the solution: get a 3lpe coating thickness chart also

You would get wide range of 3lpe coating thickness; providing a user with the large scale options for purchase. Ideally you would get the product within the size range of 25mm-3000mm and 6-12m in length range.

3LPE Coated Pipes Capacity and Thickness

3LPE Coated Pipes Capacity and Thickness