3LPP Pipe Coating

3LPP Pipe Coating

What is 3lpp?

An innermost wall of fusion-bonded epoxy resin, a middle layer of adhesives, and an exterior layer of polypropylene make up 3LPP Coated Tubes’ multilayered anti-corrosion coatings. The exterior layer provides protection against physical damage in 3lpp pipe coating during laying and transporting, and the inner layer serves as protection from rusting and chemical damage.
In petroleum, in which the materials are extracted from underground reserves and at extreme temperatures, three-layer polypropylene-coated pipelines are being used (100℃ to 140℃). It is frequently employed in drilling activities in areas where there is a high threat of damage, including the Mountain Range.

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3lpp pipe coating dimensions, and specification

3LPP Pipe Coating Specification

3LPP Pipe Coating Grades and testing

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What is 3lpp coating density?

The 3-Layer Polypropylene Coating uses propylene with a density of 900 kg/(m)3. The coating disintegration factor explains how much current density is reduced as a result of coating use. In comparison to high-density polypropylene covering at extreme temperatures, the recently designed 3lpp pipe coating has outstanding deformation resistance, significant impact toughness, and peel power.
Without the need for pricey chosen fill material, 3LPP can offer the maximum level of enhanced protection across a wide range of conditions by thickening the polypropylene external layer. 3lpp coating can be utilized in a wide variety of thicknesses to efficiently and affordably fulfill the performance standards and individual project parameters.

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How 3-layer polypropylene coating removed from pipe?

If the proprietary RPR Initiation Technology is used, 3LPP Coated Carbon Steel Pipe up to a depth of 30 millimeters on the 3LPP Coated tube can be removed significantly more efficiently. The 3LPP Field Joint Coating, on the other extreme, could be repaired using a variety of techniques. Such as the use of materials like CRP-PP Replacement Fix, PP Adhesive Filler, or indeed PP Melt Stick/Strip.
In the event that it is required, 3 Layer PE Pipe Coating can be simply removed using heat. Because it provides the pipe with longevity and is simple to remove or repair, this kind of coating is particularly advantageous.

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Which temperature range is suitable for 3lpp coated pipes?

The three-layer 3LPP Pipeline Coating must meet the requirements of this standard and be acceptable for the specified range of temperature of (-) 40 °C to (+) 80 °C. It must also relate to coating class B of ISO 21809-1: 2011. This three-layer polyethylene covering is highly resistant to extreme heat, humidity, different chemicals, and Ultraviolet rays.
It can also withstand extreme circumstances for a long period of time. High operating temperatures work well with 3LPP tubing coating. Due to their resilience to high temperatures, these 3lpp carbon steel pipes are frequently utilized in applications that need high-temperature tolerance in many industries.

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What is 3lpp coating process and its thickness?

The coating made of 3lpp coating steel pipe is as follows;
Polyethylene with a greater density makes up the top coat or external surface. An epoxy binder is present inside the middle coat layer, which is made of an adhesive polymer. Epoxy resin comes in dry powder, and it can be any acceptable hue, including dark red, greenish, or blue. Gray has been rejected as a colour.
The other two layers and the copolymer adhesive must be suitable. The outermost coat layer is a ready-made substance that’s also black in colour and completely durable with regard to acids, extreme heat, air, and light (UV radiation). Steel pipes should be reinforced with a three-layer polyethylene covering.

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Where 3lpp coating steel pipe is used?

The number of identical applications where the tubes are underground or immersed is also where 3LPP-coated metal tubes are most frequently used:

  • Pipes carrying drinking water, petroleum, and gases
  • Usage involving plant treated water

In addition to preventing expensive repairs and adding in-ground protection from shearing pressures, toxins, and harsh soil conditions, the tubes’ durable outer covering of polypropylene shields them from harm during shipment and assembly. It can survive in a variety of climates, including dry desert terrain & deep ocean depths. Transporting water supply, petroleum, and natural gas, as well as other liquids is done using steel pipes coated with 3LPE. High temperatures as much as 60°C to 80° C can be tolerated by the 3LPE-coated tubes.