430 stainless steel round bar

430 Stainless Steel Round Bar

430 SS round bar and ASME SA 276 SS 430 rod suppliers in UAE

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430 ss round bar equivalent, sizes, specification, composition and properties

430 stainless steel round bar specification

430 stainless steel round bar properties

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How can we check the difference between grades without testing?

There are several tests for each grade of stainless steel. But, if you want to know the difference between ASTM A276 type 430 forged bar and other stainless steel grades, it is possible only by knowing their ASTM or SAE specifications. The SAE numbering usually has four digits.

In SAE system, the first two digits are the stainless steel’s type and the last two digits are the carbon content of the material. In ASTM Numbering system, the first digit is an alphabet and the next digits refer to the grade of stainless steel.

Get 430 round bar, UNS S43020 rounds and DIN 1.4104 hexagonal bars with Flaring / NDT test

Compare stainless steel 430 round bar price per kg in India and China

The stainless steel 430 round bar price in India is Rs. 105/- per kg and in China is US $0.9 to $1.2 per kg. The prices differ between different suppliers and it also adds the shipping cost when you source it to the Middle East.

Stainless steel 430 bar and SS 430 polished bars stock at unbelievable price in Dubai

430 stainless steel hex bar and rods machinability and inspection

The SUS 430 hex bar and rods can be easily machinable. When compared with other austenitic stainless steel grades, the 430 stainless steel has great machinability but it has higher chances of causing mechanical wear against other metal surfaces.

It is ideal to machine light-drawn bars rather than annealed bars. There are many tests to inspect 430 hex bars and rods, like visual inspection, MPI, DPI, Metallography, corrosion resistance testing, tensile test etc.

DIN 1.4104 rods and stainless steel 430 cold finish round bar is suitable for use in marine, food and harsher environments.

SS 430 polished bars stock test procedure

The following test procedures of SS 430 polished bars are:

  • Intergranular corrosion testing
  • Tensile Test
  • PMI
  • DPI
  • Hardness Testing
  • Metallography
  • Pitting Corrosion Test
  • Ultrasonic Test
  • Radiography
  • Mechanical Tests
  • Chemical Tests
  • Visual Inspection
  • Flaring Tests, etc

How to calculate cold-finished stainless steel 430 bar tolerances?

The tolerance calculation for stainless steel 430 cold finish round bar is by multiplying the two diameters of the bars and dividing it by 162. Further, multiply the result by 12. The tolerances for the 430 SS bar are between +/- 0.001 inches to +/- 0.05 inch.