430 Stainless Steel Sheet

430 stainless steel sheet

What is 430 stainless steel sheet ?

The stainless steel 430 sheet is a martensitic grade of stainless steel. A 430 stainless steel sheet is designed with a chemical composition of chromium, nickel, and other constituting alloys. The versatile 430 stainless sheet has good corrosion and oxidation resistance in harsh environments. These sheets don’t rapidly work harden and can be employed for mild stretch, bending, and drawing operations.

The sheets has a density of 7750 kg/m3 and has a thermal conductivity of 26.3 W/m.K. Th e430 SS sheet has a minimum tensile strength of 483mpa with a minimum yield strength of 310mpa. They have a hardness of 183 Brinell HB max.

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430 stainless steel sheet chemical composition, specification and mechanical properties | Find real stockist and genuine price in Dubai

430 Stainless Steel Sheet Specification

430 Stainless Steel Sheet Properties

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430 stainless steel plate vs 304

The 430 and 304 are two stainless steel grades. The 430 Stainless plate is a martensitic grade with chromium as its primary alloy. The SS 304 is an austenitic grade of steel with chromium and nickel as their primary constituents. This allows the 304 grades to be highly tolerant to corrosive affluents in the SS 430 Hot rolled Plate.

The 430 series is heat-treated, giving them superior strength. However, the 304 steel cannot be heat-treated and can only be cold worked. The UNS S43000 Cold rolled Plate is magnetic, while the SS 304 grade is non-magnetic in most conditions. The higher chemical constituents make them expensive compared to the 430 stainless steel Clad Plate.


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Where 430 stainless sheet used ?

The stainless steel 430 ba is seen in different industrial, commercial, and domestic applications. The wound robust Stainless Steel 430 Coil is seen in dishwasher linings, refrigerator equipment, fasteners, liners, and automotive trim. The versatile DIN 1.4016 Flat Sheet is seen in lashing wires, stove elements, scientific apparatus, flue linings, etc.


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What is 430 SS sheet price difference between india and us

The price of the 430 stainless steel sheets is based on their sizes and dimensions. The price of the sheets in India is $2.79 per kg. The price of the 430 stainless Rolling Plate in the US is $4.56 per kg.


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430 stainless sheet 2b finish vs 2d

The 2B finish 430 stainless steel sheet is produced by cold rolling followed by heat treating and pickling methods. The finish is the most common type of surface finish. The finish of the ASTM A240 UNS S43000 Strips is very economical and corrosion resistant. They are used in industrial, chemical, and food processing equipment. The 2d Werkstoff Nr. 1.4016 checker plate has a refined surface finish and is achieved by the cold rolling process. These plates are heat treated and pickled. The uniform dull silver-grey finish is rougher than the 2b 430 stainless steel plate.


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Keep the following in mind while ordering 430 Stainless plate

If you are planning to purchase a SS 430 plate you should find the right dealer who can supply quality products. Furthermore, check for any value added services and additional offerings the company is offering. You must also check the logistical chain and any additional costs like taxes on the plates.