440c Stainless Steel Sheet

440c stainless steel sheet

What is 440c stainless steel sheet ?

The 440c stainless steel is a martensitic grade of steel. A 440c Stainless Steel Sheet has the highest carbon content in the 400 series. These sheets are designed with superior chemical content. This gives the 440c Stainless Sheet moderate corrosion and oxidation resistance properties. These sheets have superior hardness and long service life. Welding the ASTM A240 UNS S44004 Strips is nearly impossible due to their higher carbon content. The strips are available in a range of shapes and sizes as per requirements.

The 440c SS Rolling Sheets have excellent mechanical and physical properties. These sheets can be pre-heated at temperatures of 1400 degrees F and then slowly cooled to be fully annealed. The Stainless Steel 440c Coil are sheets that are wound so they can be easily transported and later cut.

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440c stainless steel sheet properties, specification, and composition | Find the ideal suppliers and genuine price

440c Stainless Steel Sheet Specification

440c Stainless Steel Sheet Properties

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How to drill stainless steel 440c sheet ?

The stainless steel 440c sheet requires a carbide drill bit to drill through the sheet. Titanium and tungsten have superior toughness so they can also be employed for the drilling operation. The 440c Plate Suppliers follow strict tolerances for drilling, taking into consideration its thickness and other characteristics.


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How hard is 440c stainless steel sheet ?

The stainless steel 440c flat sheet has an excellent hardness in the system. The sheets have a hardness of 97 Rockwell B max. The robust 2B Finish 440c stainless steel perforated sheet can be hardened by heating at temperatures of 760 degrees C. The temperatures can be increased up to 1010 degrees C, followed by air or oil cooling.


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Stainless steel 440c vs 316

The 316 is a highly corrosion austenitic grade. A 440c Stainless Rolling Plate is a martensitic grade that is not highly corrosive affluents. The 316 grade is designed with a chemical content of chromium-nickel and molybdenum. The 440c stainless steel Clad Plate is primarily designed with high chromium content. This is what gives the 440c grade superior resistance to corrosive and oxidative material.

The SS Hot rolled 440c Plate can be heat treated to increase its strength, and they showcase enhanced hardness. The SS 316 grade cannot be heat treated like the SS 440c grade. The UNS S44004 Cold rolled Plate is magnetic in all conditions; however, the SS316 grade is not ferromagnetic in nature. A SS 440c steel is cheaper compared to the SS 316 grade.


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How to install 440c stainless steel sheets on wall ?

A stainless steel sheet 440c can be attached by applying an adhesive around the permitter of the wall and attaching it. The Werkstoff Nr. 1.4125 checker plate can also be bolted using screws and nuts.


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Where to buy 440c stainless steel sheet ?

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