446 stainless steel pipe

446 stainless steel pipe

What is 446 stainless steel pipe?

Metallic alloys have different mechanical and physical properties that are beneficial in different lines of piping. The composition of the alloy makes each grade of the materials specific for specific operations. The 446 stainless steel pipe is meant for high-temperature services. The material is resistant to oxidation, sulfidation, and general corrosion. The material has 0.2% carbon, manganese, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, nitrogen, and 23% minimum chromium with 0.1% minimum nickel. The increased chromium content also reduces the density of the material to 7500kg/m3.

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446 Stainless Steel Pipe Specification

446 Stainless Steel Pipe Properties

Stainless steel 446 vs 316

The 316 has up to 3% molybdenum and 8% nickel in the composition with 18% chromium. It is also known as one of the 18/8 grades. The stainless steel grade 446 Welded pipe has up to 30% chromium, no molybdenum, and only 0.1% nickel. The compositional difference makes the 446 material lightweight and more corrosion-resistant but reduces the tensile strength to 485MPa. The yield strength is improved to 275MPa. The 446 is also more heat resistant as it has a melting point of 1510┬░Celsius, about 100┬░ more than that of the 316 grade.

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Is ss 446 pipe rust-proof?

Yes, the added chromium makes the material oxidation-resistant. The ss 446 pipe can perform under a variety of environments and withstand oxidation. Oxidation is the main cause of rust formation. So the 446 pipes are rust-proof. Once the material is exposed to the environment, the oxide layer forms on top of the surface. This is known as patina. Once the patina forms, it blocks the environment, so that it cannot be in contact with the original material. This prevents the material from developing further rust.

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Stainless steel 446 vs 310

UNS S44600 Seamless pipe has higher hardness and elongation than the 310 grade. It also has high fatigue strength, shear strength, and tensile strength. The density of the 446 material is slightly higher, at 7800kg/m3 than the 310 grade at 7700kg/m3. Composition-wise, the WNR 1.4762 Welded pipe has more iron and less nickel. The nickel content of 310 is much higher, 19%, and the 446 has only up to 0.25%.

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Is aisi 446 seamless pipes magnetic?

The material has magnetic properties. The lack of nickel in the material makes the material have 73% iron content, which is magnetic making the entire AISI 446 seamless pipe magnetic. However, this makes the material impossible to harden by heat.

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What does mean by ss 446 pipe tapering?

Pipes and pipes are made with certain dimensions such as the wall thickness and outer diameters. Once they are at the installation site, the stainless steel 446 pipe dimensions might have to be adjusted. To widen the pipes or to increase the diameter, the pipes are often heated and then widened with the help of tools and extruders. The ss 446 pipe diameter can also be reduced by using the tools and methods. So any method that involves changing the dimensions of the pipe through slow processes is known as pipe tapering.