5083 Aluminum Plate

5083 aluminum plate

What is 5083 aluminum plate ?

The Aluminium 5083 plate is a popular non-heat treatable alloy grade. A 5083 Aluminum Plate is designed with a chemical content of aluminum, silicon, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, chromium, zinc, and titanium. The 5083 Plate has good corrosion resistance in extreme conditions and seawater services. These plates have exceptional strength and tolerances. A 5083 Aluminium Plate is not recommended for temperatures up to 65 degrees C.

These plates showcase a density of 265g/cm3 and have a melting point of 570 degrees C. The 5083 Cast Aluminum Plate has a tensile strength between 275 to 350mpa with a minimum proof stress of 125mpa. These plates have a hardness of 75 Brinell max. The 5083 Aluminium Plate Price is influenced based on their size, thickness, and customization, as per customer requirements. A 5083 Aluminum Plate Supplier supplies these plates for use in vehicle bodies, shipbuilding, pressure vessels, and other applications.

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5083 Aluminum Plate Properties

Search ASTM B209 5083 sheet suppliers in UAE, check 5083 aluminum vs 6061

5083 aluminum vs 6061

The 5083 and 6061 are both aluminum alloy steel grades that are differentiated on certain features. The Aluminium Tooling Plate 5083 has superior corrosion resistance to the 6061 aluminum grade. The 6061 can be heat treated giving them superior strength over the 5083 aluminum. The machining capability of the 5083 is better than the UNS A95083 Coil. The 6061 alloy has better surface treatment and anodic oxidation characteristics than the AL 5083 grade.


Interested in purchasing a 5083 cast aluminum plate? Verify the minimum order quantity with several Middle East importers of 5083 plate, see machinability


Is 5083 aluminium sheet is machinable?

The Aluminium sheet has little to no issues when machining the grade.


Purchase ASME SB209 5083 aluminum perforated sheet in Dubai from a reputable stockist with test certificates and review is 5083 tooling plate corrosion resistance. And compare aluminium 5083 vs 6082


Is 5083 sheet is highly resistant to corrosion ?

The 5083 aluminium sheet is known for its tolerance in extreme environments. A 5083 Sheet has excellent resistance to corrosive environments in seawater systems. The sheets are tolerant to attack from seawater in different industrial applications.


Check the CIF price of UNS a95083 coil and strip from two or more reputable traders to get a fair price. You should also inquire testing method, see the 5083 aluminium sheet price


How to test 5083 plate quality?

The Aluminium 5083 is tested based on different tests. The common 5083 Cast Aluminum Chequered Plate test includes Brinell/ Rockwell/ Vicker hardness, Ultrasonic examination, and Charpy V notch toughness impact test. These plates are also tested for post weld heat treatment, bend test, drop weight test, etc.


Many of the listed distributors carry and offer ASME SB209 aluminium 5083 h111 slitting coil/ chequered plate with the most up-to-date pricing, see application


Is 5083 marine grade aluminium sheet?

The Aluminium 5083 sheet is designed to work in marine systems. The sheets have exceptional resistance to chloride pitting and works in harsh environments seen in seawater systems.