6000 psi SAE flange

6000 psi SAE flange

These flanges provide secure air tight leak-proof seal. 6000 psi sae flange are extensively used in the hydraulic flange system due to their high tolerance application. These flanges are used to connect hydraulic flanged tube, hydraulic hose assemblies and piping. Sae 6000 flange are durable with strong mechanical properties. They functions efficiently up to limited range of temperature range up to 900C and exhibit nominal pressure of 6000 PSI. The flanges are very versatile and available in different sizes and shapes. The flanges are commonly found to the hydraulic cylinders in loaders and excavators.

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The various manufacturing process involved for the flange are plating, casting, forging and stamping. They display absolute toughness and are capable of handling high pressure and heavy loads. The flanges maintain their strength and can be used in various low cryogenic temperature applications up to -300C.

6000 Psi SAE flange specification

6000 Psi Sae Flange Specification

Standard Nominal pressure Available size
ISO 6164/ SAE J518 C / ISO 6162 / JIS B2291 6000 PSI DN10 – DN125
Connections Temperatures Type
Socket Weld/ NPT/ BSPP -30 to 90 °C SAE Flange
Manufacturing Process (6000 PSI SAE forged flange) Specification Material (6000 PSI SAE plate flange) Material Specification
  • Plate
  • Casting
  • Forged
  • Stamped
  • Carbon steel :
    • ASTM A181 Class 60, CL 70
    • SA694 CS F42/ F46/ F52/ F56/ F60/ F65/ F70
    • Carbon Steel ASTM A105
  • Copper nickel (CU-Ni) (for sea water):
    • Copper Nickel 70/30
    • ASTM/ ASME SB151
    • Cu-Ni 90/10, CW352H, WL 2.1972, C70620, C7060T, EEMUA 234/3-6,
  • Alloy steel (AS) : ASME SA182 Gr F1, Gr F5, Gr F9, Gr F11, Gr F12, Gr F22, Gr F91
  • Stainless Steel (SS) : ASME SA182 Grade (most selling grade F304/L, F316/L, F316Ti), F310/S, F321/H, F347/H, F317L, F904L
  • Super Duplex and Duplex: F53 (UNS S32750), F55 (UNS S32760), F60 (UNS S32205), F61 (UNS S32550), ASME SA182 Grade F44 (UNS S31254), F51 (UNS S31803)
  • Titanium (Ti): B381 F2/3/5/12
  • Hastelloy: C-22, C-22HS, C-276, C-2000, G-3, Nickel B, B-2, B-3, C, C-4, G-35, N, S, W, X G-30
  • Monel: 400, K-500, 401, 404, R-405, 502
  • Inconel: important grade (Alloy 600, 601, 625, 718,) 601GC, 602CA, 603XL, 617, 625LCF, 686, 690, 693, 706, 718SPF, 725, 740H, X-750, 751, MA754, MA758, 783
  • Low Temp Carbon Steel (LTCS): ASTM A350 Grade LF2, LF3, LF6
  • Nickel alloy: ASME SB564 Grade 200, 201
  • Incoloy: 800/H/HT, 803, 825, 832, 864, 890, 903, 907, 908, 909, 925, 926, 945, 945X, MA956, DS, 330, A-286, 27-7MO, 020, 028, 25-6HN
  • Stainless Steel (SS) : A240 F304/304L, F316/316L, F316Ti, F310/310S, F321/321H, F347/347H, F317L, F904L
  • Super Duplex and Duplex: ASTM A240 F53 (UNS S32750) and F55 (UNS S32760), F60 (UNS S32205) and F61 (UNS S32550), F44 (UNS S31254), F51 (UNS S31803)
  • Low temp carbon steel (LTCS): ASTM A516 Gr 70, Gr 65, Gr 60
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Sae 6000 psi flange are more efficient as compared to threaded fittings in larger and more complex applications. These flanges are very easy to install, assemble in tight spaces and disassemble for maintenance. The flange Provide tilt proof clamping to the system. 6000 psi high pressure sae flanges Ability to attach up to 5-inch O.D. tube. The flange has strong fatigue resistance and are capable of handling heavy loads and pressure up to 6000 psi. These flanges require much lower tightening torque as compared with other threaded ports.

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SAE 6000 flange high pressure series of split sae flange halves is generally use in the high-pressure applications. The working pressure of these flanges is more than 400 bar. It is a type of mechanical connector which is utilized to connect two pipes, hoses or other parts together in high-pressure industrial operations.

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These flanges are used in various industries such as:

  • Hydraulics
  • Mobile hydraulics
  • Agricultural forestry
  • Building machinery
  • injection moulding machinery
6000 psi high pressure SAE flanges and SAE 6000 flange for the cryogenic environment as per American/ European standards in the middle east and Africa

SAE 6000 psi split flange are usually come with black surface painted so no particular treatment is required but these are also can be electropolished as per the customer requirements. The flanges are also available with other surface treatment which includes zinc coated, Nickle plated, galvanised zinc (yellow) and Phosphate (black). The flanges are also available in anti-corrosion and anti- rust   coating.

6000 Psi SAE flange sizes

SAE-size in Inches for bolt UNC A in (Inch) G in (Inch) B in (millimeter) C in (millimeter) D in (millimeter) E in (millimeter) F in (millimeter)
1/2 M 8×30 12.79 9.68 18,2 40,5 22 16 8,8
3/4 M 10×35 16.57 12.79 23,8 50,8 28 19 11,0
1 M 12×45 19.05 15.31 27,8 57,2 33 24 13,0
1 (7/16 – 1 3/4) 19.05 15.31 27,8 57,2 33 24 12,0
1 1/4 M 14×50 21.57 17.51 31,8 66,7 38 27 15,0
1 1/2 M 16×55 25.31 20.31 36,5 79,4 43 30 17,0
2 M 20×65 31.57 26.61 44,5 96,8 52 37 21,0

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