6061 aluminum bolts

6061 aluminum bolts

What are 6061 aluminum bolts?

The aluminum 6061 bolt is a precipitation hardened grade of aluminum alloy. The 6061 Aluminum Bolts are mechanical fasteners that are partially threaded and affixed using a nut securely. These bolts can be easily dismantled by unscrewing the 6061 Aluminum Lug Nuts without causing any damage to the structure. These nuts provide excellent clamping force and prevent axial forces. The 6061 Aluminum Washers are used alongside the bolts to evenly distribute the load in the system. These washers are designed with different specifications and classifications. The 6061 Aluminum Threaded Rod can be heat treated and customized in a range of sizes and shapes.

6061 Aluminum Bolts Specifications

6061 Aluminum Bolts Properties

6061 Aluminum Fasteners Tensile Stress

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What does 6061 mean in an aluminum hex bolt?

The 6061 is the 6xxx series aluminum alloy grade with alloys of magnesium and silicon as primary alloys.

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Will 6061 aluminum fasteners rust?

The Aluminium 6061 fastener has superior chemical content of aluminum, chromium, copper, silicon, and magnesium. This gives the 6061 Aluminum Fasteners good resistance to corrosive affluents in harsh environments. However, the copper content makes them less resistant than other alloy types.

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Can you bend 6061-T6 bolts?

The Aluminium 6061-T6 bolt is difficult to bend due to its superior strength. 6061-T6 Bolts are notorious to be tempered and annealed to bend the bolt in the correct conditions. The bending process of the Aluminum 6061-t6 Fasteners requires caution and larger bending radii to avoid cracking.

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What is the difference between 6061 and 6061-T6 aluminium heavy hex bolts?

The aluminium 6061 grade is a versatile part of the 600 series. Aluminum 6061 T6 Hex Bolts is a variant of the Aluminium 6061 product specifications. The T6 is the temper or the degree of hardness that is produced via precipitation hardening. Aluminum 6061 T6 Socket Cap Screws have a better strength-to-weight ratio and are heat treatable.

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What is the maximum tensile strength of 6061 aluminum screws?

The Aluminium 6061 screw has a maximum tensile strength of 310mpa in the system. If the 6061 Aluminum Screws are used in more demanding conditions they will fracture due to stress.