6mo pipe

6MO pipe

What is 6Mo pipe?

In the 1970s, there was increasing demand for a cost-effective material for making pipes for applications needing corrosion resistance against seawater and brackish water. Also, the pipes needed high strength to withstand aggressive environments. Hence 6Mo with 6% molybdenum became popular for half a century until now. Common trade names of it include 6Moly, 6MO, 254 SMO, 6% Moly alloy, alloy 254

6Mo pipes made from 6 Mo super austenitic stainless steel are suitable for applications involving high temperatures. Also to provide pitting, crevice and cracking corrosion resistance. 6MO stainless steel Seamless Pipe is best for many applications in various sectors. It includes desalination plants, food processing, oil & gas equipment etc.

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6mo Pipe dimensions, sizes and specification

6mo Pipe Specification

6mo Pipe Properties

Find 6mo tubing suppliers in UAE and compare 6mo vs ss316.

6Mo vs ss316

6Mo and SS 316 are rust-free or stainless steel variations with chromium, nickel and molybdenum. Hence apart from high corrosion resistance and strength, there are also many other properties. But because 6Mo is an austenitic alloy with high chromium, nickel and molybdenum there are also many differences between it and SS 316. A few of it include the following, among others.

Tube 6 MO has more molybdenum. chromium and nickel than 316. Hence it has more superior properties than 316 alloy to be helpful in various applications. The nitrogen in 6Mo welded pipe adds more qualities to 6Mo than 316 for use in extreme environments.

Select the Middle East stockists and importers of 6mo stainless steel pipe who give the best prices, and confirm various alloy 6mo tube forms.

What are the different forms of 6Mo tubing?

6Mo tubing can be in seamless and welded tube form per specific needs. Alloy 6Mo seamless tube with 6% molybdenum and increased chromium and nickel than the most popular 316 steel are best for many applications. In all the forms, 6 Mo alloys provide excellent resistance to high chloride seawater exposure, not weakening the piping system.

6MO SS welded tube made from 254 SMO, alloy 254, 6% or 6moly alloy for the past nearly half a century is helpful in many high corrosive resistance applications. Hence, 6 % moly tubing is available in many forms per the requirement, like in brackish or seawater environments.

Find alloy 6Mo seamless tube traders in ANSI Sch 80, 40, 60 with a full set of documentation and sample preservation; compare 6Mo vs Monel as well.

6Mo vs Monel

Monel is a high nickel-copper alloy used for over a century to make high-quality pipes and tubes. But the high nickel and copper costs made manufacturers find cost-effective alternatives to it. And during the 1970s, they produced 6 MO with over 40 PREN but at affordable costs. Hence the significant difference between 6Mo and Monel is the cost because of the high nickel and copper in Monel.

6 Mo alloy has high 24% nickel and 6% molybdenum making it strong like Monel alloy but at reduced costs to be useful in various applications.

The cut-to-length service is provided by several distributors of 6mo stainless steel tube in Dubai; make sure to check the manufacturing specification.

What are the manufacturing specifications of 6 Mo stainless steel pipe?

The ASME design-stress allowances for 6 Mo stainless steel pipe are up to 75% more than 316L steel. It is because of the high nitrogen content to add tensile strength than other standard austenitic steels. Its manufacturing specifications include the following, among others.

  • Sizes can vary from 1/8 to 48 inches
  • The outer diameter should be from 03. mm to 10 mm
  • Grades are EN or WNR 1.4547 and UNS S31254
  • The surface finish must be black, bright, or polish
  • Hardness could be soft, hard or half hard, spring hard etc
  • Thickness from 0.4mm to 30. mm
Before making a purchase, compare the prices of 6 mo welded pipe from two or more reliable GCC suppliers. See why tube 6 mo is appropriate for a heat exchanger.

Why is a 6mo stainless steel tube suitable for a heat exchanger?

Heat exchangers are in wide use, from refrigerators to automobiles. It is because of transferring heat from one location to other between fluids. Since stainless steel alloy 6Mo welded tube helps transfer heat from fluids, it is suitable for heat exchangers. The heat can be in not only liquid form but also in the steam form in many critical sectors.

6 Mo super austenitic chromium-nickel-molybdenum alloy makes the best tubes for making heat exchangers. They are suitable for transferring heat between pipes in various industries, from oil refining to nuclear power generation and aerospace.