6MO tube fittings

6MO tube fittings

What are 6MO tube fittings?

There’s a lot of nitrogen and molybdenum in the 6Mo Tube Fittings, making them highly austenitic stainless steel. Their resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion is well-known. The 6 Mo Tube Fittings are far more robust than regular austenitic stainless steel.

Further, 6Mo Compression Fittings are widely used because they permit the cold forming of tubes, which offers good resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

The 6Mo Compression Tube Fittings are commonly used in marine applications because they function well in halide-rich environments. The fittings can be used in both hydrochloric acid and sulphuric acid conditions.

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The pressure rating of NPT 6 Moly ferrule fittings?

In 80% of cases, customers prefer 6Mo (6 moly alloy instrumentation fittings) because of corrosion resistance, not mechanical performance. 6Mo is always best in these cases.

Austenitic 6Mo(6 moly stainless steel compression fittings) melts, processes and heat treats easier.

6% Molybdenum instrumentation tube fittings sensitivity to processing and heat treatment makes it more problematic than 6Mo. Poor processing and heat treatment cause corrosion and brittleness.

The pitting resistance equivalent number (PREN) measures corrosion resistance. No matter the chemical composition, PREN exceeds 42 in 6Mo, and NACE compliance is necessary

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Difference between Alloy 6MO plugs and cap tube fittings

6% Molybdenum instrumentation tube fittings caps are full tube fitting assemblies used to finish off a length of tubing. It consists of a nut, a blank body fitting, a front ferrule, and a back ferrule. The assembly can be pressure tested with the body still blank before being installed into the system. Plugs with machined ferrules seal off an opening on a tube fitting. Like the cap, it lets you put the whole system through a pressure test.

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Advantages of 6 moly alloy instrumentation fittings

Heavy industries have discovered 6% Moly (6MO compression tube fittings) to be an essential metal, including the chemical processing and oil and gas markets.

However, 6% Moly is the material of choice among industry experts due to its outstanding properties and tolerance to high temperatures.

Super austenitic stainless steel containing at least 6% molybdenum by weight is known as “6% Moly.”

Depending on the exact Moly alloy, the metallurgical components will be different.

High-chloride environments, such as those found in brackish water, seawater, and bleach facilities in pulp mills, are no match for the chemical resistance.

Molybdenum’s strengths and mechanical stability are just a few advantages. It’s an added plus: its beneficial properties aren’t lost when heated.

With a Moly percentage of 6%, molybdenum has many desirable properties. Extremely high heat conductivity, high electrical conductivity, and compatibility with glass bonding.

High Chloride Content, High Resistance to Stress Cracking Pipes, fittings, and flanges made from 6% of Moly (6% moly alloy bulkhead union) are in high demand.

6 moly stainless steel compression fittings & 6mo stainless steel double ferrule fittings for better performance & low-maintenance

End connection of 6 moly stainless steel compression fittings

Very few hoses are compatible with the inch compression fitting, a bite-type fitting for hydraulic tubing. Assembly of this fitting onto a hydraulic hard tube can be done in the field with minimal equipment. For an improved alternative to sweating pipes together, try 6 Moly Compression Tube Fittings.

In the slandering industries, these tube fittings will prevent leaks from occurring in the pipes. All these compression fittings, including 6mo steel adapter fittings, are applicable for the safe containment of gases and fluids, and they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The fitting is tested for everything from high pressure and vacuum to vibration and temperature for a safe and leak-free assembly.

6 moly steel high pressure compression fittings and 6mo steel pneumatic fittings in SAE, BSPP, BSPT, NPT(F), UNF, NPT(M), ISO, AN to enable tight seal

Application of 6mo stainless steel double ferrule fittings

The close grain forging process results in the 6mo Steel Double Ferrule Fittings’ characteristically straight bodies and nuts. This fitting is beneficial when joining two parallel tubes of different diameters (inches or millimeters).

Along with the female elbow, the Stainless steel Alloy 6Mo Male Elbow allows for a 90° adjustment in the orientation of a tube’s longitudinal axis. The 6Mo Bulkhead Union facilitates the unrestricted movement of fluids in storage vessels, plumbing systems, and more.

In addition to their use in chemical processing and heat exchangers, 6Moly Grades also find widespread application in the desalination and water purification industries.