70s2 filler wire

70s2 filler wire

What is 70s2 filler wire?

Deoxidizers are substances that readily combine with oxygen to form their constituents. For instance, aluminum combines with oxygen to form aluminums oxide, avoiding the negative effects of oxygen on the weld. Due to the additional deoxidizers, the 70s2 filler wire is particularly useful for welding on grimy or rusted surfaces. High-quality and hard welds are produced by ER70S-2.

ER70s2 tig rod is employed for single pass as well as multipass welding of stainless steel, low alloy metal, mild alloy steel, and cast metal welding. In accordance with the AWS A 5.18 standard, ER70S-2 seems to be a TIG & MIG continuous wire categorization.

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Shielding Gases for ER70S-2 Filler Wire Rod

Pure argon is utilized as a welding gas while utilizing 70s2 tig wire for TIG soldering to shield the weld. For tig & MIG welding operations, a type 70s2 welding rod is a tri-deoxidized metal welding cable. Employ Carbon Dioxide, Argon + Co2, and Argon + 2% Oxygen as shielding gases for Welding processes.

Given that it is solely used for welding mild steel and stainless steel, ER70S-2 does not need purged or leading. When using ER70S-2 or other stainless steel welding wires, nitrogen should never be utilized as a shielding gas, not even in a very small amount, since this will result in welding defects.

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What does ER70s2 stand for in ER70s2 tig wire?

The 70s2 filler rod’s letters each stand for a distinct meaning & sense. Rod-shaped welding electrodes are referred to as ER. The number 70 indicates that the resultant welding stainless steel must have a minimum ultimate tensile strength of 70,000 psi. Sturdy welding cable is represented by the letter S.

The character C, which represents the combination welding cable type, can be referred to by various names. Number 2 indicates the welding cable’s molecular designator, which denotes the presence of deoxidizers apart from silicon & manganese, such as titanium, zirconium, and aluminum.

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In which of the following processes ER70S-2 filler wire is used?

These er70s2 filler wire varieties are employed in a variety of procedures. These are

  • Common uses include welding, castings, piping, connectors, carbon steel sheet, and steel beams.
  • Moderate steels which are rusted or unclean are compatible with ER70S-2 because of the de-oxidizers (Ti, Zr, and Al).
  • The welder’s preferred material for GTAW root soldering of ASTM/ASME SA-106 Gr B and C is MIDALLOY ER70S-2.
  • The filler material deposition as-welded shows sufficient toughness and strength and might not need PWHT.
  • The sector now has access to a high-quality filler that can produce clear x-ray welding due to MIDALLOY ER70S-2.
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What polarity should we use for ER70S-2 Filler Wire Rod?

When employed with TIG welding, the er70s2 welding rod’s welding polarity is Direct Current Electrode Negative (DCEN). In the MIG-MAG welding techniques, the 70s2 MIG wire is utilized with a welding polarity known as Direct Current Electrode Positive (DCEP). The direction in which current flows whenever the operation is linked to the +ve terminal of the power supply.

And the electrode’s lead is connected to the -ve terminal. Direct current electrode positive (DCEP) or linear polarity. It offers the desired qualities of a steady arc, perfectly smooth transmission, little splatter, good weldability, & higher penetration.

ER70s2 filler wire and 70s2 welding wire have a quick freezing weld pool

What are the chemical and mechanical properties of 70s2 welding rod

These types of welding wire’s mechanical characteristics are ideal for their purposes. The tensile strength of ER70S-2 welding wire is 70 Ksi, while the lowest yield strength is 38 Ksi (400 MPa) (490 MPa). The ER70S-2 TIG and MIG Filler Wire Rods must have a minimal toughness of 20 ft-lbs at -20° Fahrenheit or 27J at -30° Celsius.

For the purpose of confirming the filler cable’s hardness capabilities, an all-weld steel examination must be welded & tested in accordance with AWS A5.18 specifications. These kinds of welding wires have a minimum elongation of 22%. Their mechanical qualities enable the user to make the best decision and lengthen their life.