90 degree elbow

90 degree elbow

What is 90 deg elbow?

Most fittings influence the direction of the media flowing through a piping system. Some of them, like the 90 Deg Elbow have a fixed directional flow. In this instance, the elbow changes the direction of the flow by an angle of 90 degrees.

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How to protect the surface of stainless steel 90 degree elbow?

Stainless steel alloys generally have moderate to excellent corrosion resistance properties. This is solely dependent on the grade used to produce the elbow. It is possible to, however, improve the corrosion resistance properties by protecting the surface of the fittings. The best way to do so is by using coatings or by surface treatments. Surface treatments like sandblasting or sand rolling are commonly seen on fittings. Coatings like hot dip galvanization, anti-corrosive oil, transparent oil, black painting, and mirror finish are popular surface treatments as well.

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What is the pressure loss in a carbon steel 90 degree elbow?

A general consideration is that a Carbon Steel 90-Degree Elbow would have a pressure drop that is equal to about 30 to 50 pipe diameters, the length of a straight pipe.

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What is the difference between a 90 degree elbow and a 90 degree street elbow?

The difference between both elbows is the gender of the connection. A regular elbow will have female threaded connections on both ends. These mate with male pipes. On the other hand, a 90 Degree Street Elbow will have both male and female fittings on each end.

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How to find the radius of a 90 degree elbow?

The outer diameter of the elbow is measured from one end to the other, while the inner diameter is measured from one inner wall to the other. Since the diameter is twice the radius, one can get the radii of both the inner and outer parts by dividing the respective diameters.

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How to calculate the 90° elbow center?

Calculate the centre of the 90° Elbow with the following formula –

  • Elbow length = Tan(Elbow Angle/2) X Elbow Radius
  • *The length calculated will be in mm because the radius measurement given is mm.

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