A2 Threaded Rod

A2 Threaded Rod

What is A2 threaded rod?

Grade 18/8 is a corrosion-resistant fastener with good mechanical strength due to the addition of chromium and nickel in its alloy. Threaded on both ends of the rod, these fasteners work well in structural applications.

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A2 Threaded Rod Specifications

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What size is an A2 studs?

The size for grade A2 studs ranges between ¼ inches to 24 inches.

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What does A2 on a stud bolt mean?

A2 is indicative of the grade i.e – alloy 304 or 18/8. Usually, the alloy grade is accompanied by its corresponding ultimate tensile strength value.

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Does A2 allthreads rust?

The alloy has excellent resistance to corrosion in highly oxidizing environments even in elevated temperatures and will not rust, especially if it is coated with zinc. However, on exposure to harsh reagents, the alloy can undergo rapid degeneration.

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How much weight can A2 threaded bars hold?

The weight that a rod can carry will depend on its thickness and mechanical strength. In this case, A2 threaded bars with a nominal diameter of 5 inches can hold a weight of 154000 pounds.

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What is the difference between A2 Trapezoidal and Ultra Fine Threaded Rod?

All three fasteners are threaded, yet subtle differences make them suited to differing applications. An A2 threaded rod is longer than 12” and performs well for structural purposes. Studs are similar; they are shorter than a rod and can be used in indoor applications. Both threaded rods and studs do not have heads. However, a bolt is constructed with a head attached to its threaded shank.