A4-80 screw

A4-80 screw

What is a A4-80 screw?

The A4-80 screws come under the 316 stainless steel specification. A4-80 Screw has excellent corrosion resistance properties and tolerances. The screws have a pin having a raised helical thread with a slotted head. The A4-80 Screws have an austenitic structure and can work well in variable pressure conditions. The versatile A4-80 Grade Coach Screws are used in higher temperature and cryogenic systems. These screws have outstanding mechanical properties. SS A4-80 Fully Threaded Screws allow for connection with different equipment. These screws can be connected by making use of a wrench or be self-tapping. The A4 80 Pan Head Wood Screws are installed in wood as a hole is made in wood. The screw is later tightened with some force to seal it perfectly. Stainless Steel A4-80 Concrete Screws can be heat treated to increase their performance and aesthetics.

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A4-80 Screw Specifications

A4-80 Screws Chemical Composition

A4-80 Screws Mechanical Properties

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What is nominal length of A4-80 socket head cap screw?

The A4-80 socket head cap screws are designed in metric sizes of M2 to M42. A4-80 Socket Head Cap Screw is designed in nominal lengths between 1 to 12 inches.

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What is the yield strength of ss A4 80 allen cap screws?

The ss A4 80 Allen cap screws are designed with a hexagonal socket. A4-80 Cap Screws have a minimum yield strength of 205mpa.

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What are the three applications for A4-80 stainless steel self drilling screws threads?

A self drilling A4-80 SS screw has a sharp drill bit that allows it to be easily installed. The A4-80 SS Self Drilling Screws are used in connecting both metal and wood. These screws are common in chemical processing, petroleum refining, and marine industries. The A4-80 Stainless Steel Hexagon Screw is also used in a variety of other applications.

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What is the main reason for using A4-80 cap screws?

The A4-80 cap screw is employed to clamp different parts together. These A4 80 Grade Machine Screws allow for easy installation and can be readily disassembled. These screws also have good corrosion and oxidation resistance properties compared to most other grades.

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How do you calculate the weight of a A4-80 steel hex head screw?

The weight of a hex head screw determines the weight it will add to the structure. Generally, the A4-80 Steel Hex Head Screw weight is calculated using the formula Length x width x thickness x density.