A4 Stainless Steel Fasteners

A4 Stainless Steel Fasteners

What does A4 mean in stainless steel fasteners?

Marine grade fasteners exhibit superior resistance to corrosion, as compared to Alloy 304. An austenitic type alloy, A4 Stainless Steel Fasteners has improved resistance to chloride pitting resistance due to molybdenum. At elevated temperatures, these fasteners perform well due to their high mechanical properties.

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A4 Stainless Steel Fasteners Specifications

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What is A4 stainless steel bolt?

A A4 bolt is a mechanical fastener that can be used to hold two objects together in wood, metal, concrete or other materials. Used in combination with a nut, a washer may be added to the assembly if it is in a high-vibration application. These bolts have high tensile strength, high creep strength and stress to rupture at high temperatures.

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What is the difference between A4 stainless steel machine screw and wood screw?

While A4 stainless steel wood screws are available with flat, pan, or oval heads, a A4 machine screw has a socket head construction. Some portion of the shank on a wood screw is unthreaded, contrary to machine screws, which have fully threaded shanks. Machine screws are usually smaller than 1⁄4 inch, which is greater than ½ inch.

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Is A4 stainless steel screws magnetic?

Grade 316 belongs to an austenitic class of stainless steel. Despite the presence of iron in its chemical composition, the alloy is non-ferromagnetic. Meaning its alloy microscopically contains austenite, making them non-magnetic.

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Are A4 stainless steel bolt and nuts coated?

Usually, most fasteners are not coated – unless the buyer has pre-ordered a coating for grades that have good corrosion resistance properties. However, many suppliers and manufacturers keep galvanized nuts and bolts to increase the shelf life of the product. Apart from galvanization, coatings used on fasteners include electroplating with zinc, cadmium plating, black oil or paint, varnish, etc.

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How do I know what size A4 SS washer to buy?

One first needs to know the diameter of the shaft of the bolt he intends to purchase the washer for. The inner nominal diameter and the diameter of the bolt need to be matched accordingly. For instance, a bolt whose diameter is ¾-16 bolt will mate with a washer whose inner diameter is ¾. Though the A4 washer is slightly larger than the bolt, it will permit the fastener to pass through.