A4 Threaded Rod

A4 Threaded Rod

What is A4 threaded rods?

Grade 316 is an alloy that delivers excellent performance in marine environments. Most carbon steel or alloy steels aren’t equipped to deal with seawater corrosion because they are not sufficiently alloyed. A4 threaded rod contains 18% chromium with 10% nickel, guaranteeing its resistance to seawater. This type of fasteners is a plan shank with threads carved on itself to a sturdy ensure fastening to wood, concrete or metal.

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A4 Threaded Rod Specifications

A4 Threaded Rod Properties

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What size do A4 stainless threaded bar come in?

Threaded bars are available in various lengths (depending on your requirement) with the thread diameter ranging from M4 to M45.

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What are A4 studs used for?

A4 Studs are suited to indoor applications since they don’t twist during tightening. This is because the torque values they achieve are better than bolts.

A4 stainless steel threaded rod and A4 all thread in a wide range from ¼”/M6 to 4”/M100, check A4 M12 stainless steel threaded rod temperature rating

What temperature will the A4 ss stud bolt melt?

A A4 ss stud bolt produced from grade 316 has a melting range between 1375°C to 1400°C.

All sizes available are in A4 double end threaded rod with test certificates. Also refer A4 stud heat treatment

Can you heat and bend A4 threaded bar?

It is possible to bend a A4 threaded bar. One has to simply hold the lit torch on the area that is to be bent. The heated area will turn an orange-red colour, after which the rod can be bent to the desired degree. Care should be taken to avoid overheating the rod to prevent loss of its mechanical properties.

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What is the difference between A4 stud and threaded rod?

While both A4 studs and A4 threaded rods look similar, the variation in length is what makes them suited to different applications. A4 Threaded rods are longer than 12”, making them suited to structural applications. And a A4 stud is shorter than 12” – perfect for indoor applications.