A490 anchor bolts

A490 anchor bolts

What are A490 anchor bolts?

The A490 anchor bolt is a fastener used to attach both structural and non-structural elements to concrete. These A490 Anchor Bolts are quenched and tempered to suit structural connections. They create a strong connection with the specified equipment for prolonged periods. The ASME SA490 Bent Anchor Bolt are two types of structural hexagonal bolts. These bolt cover metric sizes from M12 to M36. These A490 Masonry Anchors have excellent chemical content that gives them superior resistance to corrosive media. They can handle different pressure and temperature systems. The SA490 Wall Anchors can be coated with different protective coatings to give them enhanced resistance to toxic affluents. ASTM A490 Sleeve Anchors have a tensile strength between 150 to 173ksi, with a minimum yield strength of 130ksi. They can be elongated by 14% and have a Brinell hardness of 352max.

A490 Anchor Bolts Specifications

A490 Anchor Bolts Chemical Composition

A490 Anchor Bolts Hardenss

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How deep do ASME SA490 toggle bolts need to be in concrete?

The ASME SA490 toggle bolts should be embedded in depths of at least 4 bolt diameters. These A490 Toggle Bolt should be 51mm in depth or both, whichever is greater.

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What size A490 steel expansion bolt do I need?

The size of the A490 expansion bolt is based on the size and equipment used to fasten the material. This A490 Steel Expansion Bolt should fit perfectly with the devices that are to be installed in the system. Secondly, the torque limit of the fastener should also be efficiently calculated to attain the correct value.

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Applications of A490 concrete anchor bolts

The A490 concrete anchor bolt is a fastener that bolsters superior strength and load-carrying capacity. These A490 Concrete Anchor Bolt are a common feature in structural equipment, wood, concrete systems, stiffeners residential units, etc.

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Advantages and disadvantages of ASTM A490M anchor screws

The ASTM A490M anchor screw is used to create a strong sealing joint. These ASME SA490M Anchor Screws provide good structural stability and bolster superior performance. They are not prone to vibration and rupture under extreme stress. The anchor screws, when subject to higher weights, may fracture and reduce, causing damage to the grade. They may also corrode when exposed to harsh media for prolonged periods.

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What is the purpose of SA490 wedge anchor bolts?

An SA490 wedge anchor bolt is primarily used to provide a safe and strong connection to secure a masonry surface. The SA490 Wedge Anchor Bolt have an expansion clip that is attached to the bolt with the threaded section on the tapered portion.