A588 steel plate

a588 steel plate

What is a588 steel plate ?

The a588 is a structural steel weather resistant steel grade. A588 has a chemical content of carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorous, sulfur, nickel, copper, chromium, nitrogen, and vanadium. The superior content in the a588 weathering steels gives them excellent resistance to corrosive affluents in harsh environments. The low alloy weathering steel has protection against oxide films to slow down the reduction due to corrosion.

The a588 corten is ideal for welding and acts as a sacrificial anode that protects the surface of the metal. The material is suited for bare and unpainted conditions. The astm a588 plate thickness is between 6mm and 50mm or more. The plates are available in lengths up to 12000mm with widths up to 1500mm. The a588 plate has excellent mechanical properties. These plates have a minimum yield strength of 250mpa with a tensile strength between 400 to 550mpa. The a588 plate can be elongated by 20% and has a modulus of elasticity of 220 gpa.

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A588 Steel Plate Specification

A588 Steel Plate Properties

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A588 vs a242 steel

The astm a588 and a242 is an atmospheric corrosion resistance steel. The a588 covers higher strength low alloy structural steel. The a242 is a lower alloy structural equipment where weight saving and corrosion resistance are of the highest importance. The a588 corten steel is equivalent to corten a, while a242 is equivalent to corten b.


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Point to consider while selection of a588 weathering steel plate

Selecting the a588 weathering steel plate seems easier than it looks. First, select a good dealer of the a588 corten steel plate who can provide quality plates. Check for all certifications and quality before selecting a plate of your choosing. Finally, check for value added services and any logistical support system.


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What is the melting point of a588 plate ?

The a588 plate has a melting point of 1480 degrees c.


With specific needs, ASTM a588 corrosion-resistant structural steel plate is available. The moment had come to ask for a quote. Study up which material can replace a588.


Will any useful and cost effective material ever replace a588 corten steel plate?

The a588 corten steel plate is a brand of weathering steel that is expensive due to its superior chemical content. This is why a588 plate suppliers and users are wanting cheap alternatives. The most viable cost effective alternatives are s355j0w, s355jowp, and s355j2w.

Also, different specifications of painted and coated steel can also be employed to perform like corten steel. The corten steel astm a588 plate is a good choice in applications that require higher tolerances in aggressive environments.


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What is easier to do, cutting or breaking a588 steel plate?

Cutting the a588 plate is easier as compared to breaking the plate.