Abrasion Resistant plate

abrasion resistant plate

What is abrasion resistant plate ?

Abrasion resistant steel is a high alloy carbon steel specification. The Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate has superior hardness due to the addition of carbon. This makes it very formable and weather resistant due to the added alloys. Ar Steel Plate has lower strength due to its increased hardness. The plates are well-versed to work in applications where they are prone to wear and tear. The Abrasion Resistant Plate is produced via quenching and tempering conditions.

The Ar plates are not ideal for structural construction as they are well suited for materials requiring wear and tear conditions. The Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate Properties allow it to be a feature in conveyors, buckets, construction attachments, bridges, etc. All the Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate Manufacturers supply plates in thicknesses 6mm or above in different dimensions.

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Abrasion Resistant Plate Specification

Abrasion Resistant Plate Properties

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How ar plate is created through the quenched and tempered process ?

The AR plate is usually processed in quenching and tempering conditions. The quenching occurs generally in high temperatures between 1500 and 1650 degrees F and is quickly cooled using water. The process allows the crystal structure to form within the Abrasion Resistant Plate to increase its hardness.

The tempering of the abrasion resistant Steel takes place by re-heating and quenching the steel. Here it is processed in temperatures between 300 to 700 degrees F, allowing it to cool in normal air temperatures.


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What is meant by hardening ?

Hardening is the process where the metal becomes harder or is a process to make it harder. The process helps mitigate any damage from cold temperatures.


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What does f in an abrasion-resistant plate mean?

Abrasion resistant steel is termed as A4450F, AR400F, etc. The material with or without F can be used interchangeably. Traditionally, F on the Abrasion Resistance Plate infers that the grade is formable.


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What are abrasion resistance plate test method ?

Abrasion resistance is the name implies that uses different testing procedures to measure the abrasion resistance of solid material. The Astm Abrasion Resistant Steel Plate can be tested in Pin, Taber, Rubber wheel, and failing sand abrasion.


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Ar steel plate advantages and disadvantages

Ar steel plate has high toughness and low strength grade. Abrasion Resistant Steel Grades have superior hardness and are resistant to abrasion and wear. The plates have excellent durability and are tolerant to damage. The plates are cost effective options as they don’t require maintenance or replacement. The Abrasion Resistant Sheet Metal is not well suited for heat treatment procedures as it may reduce its strength and toughness.