Acorn nuts

Acorn nuts

What are steel acorn nuts called?

An acorn nut is a 6-sided fastener having a lobed head. The Acorn Nuts are called crown hex nuts, blind nuts, doomed cap nuts, cap nuts, or dome nuts. These nuts have a dome head while it is open at the end. The top part of the Steel Acorn Nuts restricts its usage at the end of the bolts. These nuts cannot be twisted like other types of nuts.

Acorn Nuts Specifications

Acorn Nut Dimensions

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What is an Dome nuts used for?

A dome nut is a dome shape projection at one side of its nut. The Dome Nuts are used to close the end of screws or bolts to prevent any scratches or structural damage. The versatile Chrome Acorn Nut are also a feature in structural units, concealing fasteners, thread protection in different applications, etc.

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Is an acorn nut the same as a cap nut?

The acorn nut is also referred to as a cap nut specification. These Cap Nut help prevent stripping and protect the material. They can be easily removed or reused.

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What are Black acorn nuts made of?

A black acorn nut is produced using a dark colored iron oxide coating on its surface. These Black Acorn Nuts are used in applications that don’t require galvanized steel specifications.

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How do you tighten a Decorative cap nuts?

The decorative cap nuts can be easily installed onto a bolt or zinc. Decorative Cap Nut are affixed with these fasteners and tightened making use of a hex, socket, or Allen wrench fastener. These Steel Cap Nut should be tightened with the right torque to fasten efficiently.

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What do domed nuts do?

A doomed nut is a threaded fastener that is used alongside different fastener grades. These Metric Acorn Nuts shield the end of a bolt and provides good stability and support to them. They create strong sealing points and are very reliable. The Long Acorn Nut shield ends of a bolt to provide better aesthetical quality and performance.