Air header

Air header

What is an air header?

Air Header is a unit that is used to distribute & control compressed air from one inlet to multiple outlets. Such a device is used in an industrial plant or facility. It is most commonly used for the distribution of instrument compressed air within the plant for various utilities. The standard test pressure of an Air header is standard 300 psi. Such a device is designed in such a way that it distributes air from the compressor to the actuators on pneumatic instruments. This function the same as steam flow meters, pressure controllers, and valve positioners. One such air header widely used in industrial pulp and paper, chemical processing, oil and gas processing, and energy industries is the 6-way air header. They have been approved for low-pressure applications up to 1000 psi.

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Why do we need an instrument air header?

First of all, Instrument air refers to compressed air used as an alternative to Nitrogen. It is purified to meet the requirements of the Instrument Society of America and NFPA 99. It is equivalent to nitrogen in pressure, dryness, and cleanliness. An instrument air header is an air header used to release this instrument’s air. It is a pipe-shaped chamber (manifold) with several branches of outlets for delivering instrument air. It is also known as a Compressed air header and supports multiple medical applications including driving surgical tools, operating pneumatic brakes and tables, central sterile supply, laboratory air, and more.

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How do the air reel headers work?

The air reel header works the same as any other air header except for some minor changes here and there. Typically, all the air headers have multiple outlets fitted with ball valves for isolation. Through these outlets, the air is discharged out into the atmosphere. From the beginning, when the compressed air or steam contains water vapor to be discharged an air compressor header is assembled vertically and a drain valve is installed at the bottom. This drain valve regularly discharges condensed water from the headers to prevent water from entering the pneumatic instrument. Thus, realizing the functions of air source diversion and distribution.

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What are the purposes of an air force header?

Distribution manifolds are commonly used components for air source distribution where a single air stream is sourced to multiple pipelines. Air force headers of FITOK AH Series are manufactured from tubing, and distribution manifolds of FITOK CM Series are processed from bars. The fluids are sent to the air headers by pipeline and then distributed to each instrument. It comes with the advantages of convenient assembly, simple operation, easy maintenance, and cost-saving so these air headers are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power, and textile industries.

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What is the purpose of the air distribution header?

The air distribution header offers great volume capacity that as result assists in handling fluctuation in air compressors. They also provide a guaranteed full penetration weld. The air distribution manifold has 8 outlets that eliminate the need for complex multiple piping. Made up of die-cast aluminium and being light in weight, it provides the ability to resist corrosion. They are said to be reliable and weldable and therefore, are used in the plastic processing, petrochemical industry, power generation, refineries, and chemical industries.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of air reel combined header?

The combine header makes one of the most important components that is used by the combine harvesters. They are attached at the front of the machine and perform the function of grain collecting. They come in various shapes and sizes with different machines. One such combined header is the Air reel combine header. One of the main advantages of a combined header is that they combine several of the major operations involved in harvesting, namely: reaping, threshing, and winnowing. The rice after being processed gets transferred to an onboard container. The disadvantages of the combine include its big size and its expense. They’re only available for a certain activity and these generally are put out of usage.