AISI 1020 flat bar

AISI 1020 Flat Bar

Carbon steel 1020 hot rolled flat bar suppliers in UAE

What is AISI 1020 flat bar?

Steel Grade 1020 is a low-carbon steel grade that contains less carbon content within itself. It has good formability and good weldability. Along with iron, it consists of 0.17%-0.23% of carbon, 0.3%-0.6% of manganese, 0-0.04% of phosphorus, and 0-0.05% of sulfur. Steel 1020 Flat Bar is one such low-carbon steel.

AISI 1020 Flat Bar Stock is the stock of 1020 Flat Bar Steel from the 1020 carbon steel grade. These are used in various industries for the formation of equipment used for automotive, agricultural, and industrial purposes. Most commonly, it is used in the making of parts of machinery needed in general-use applications.

AISI 1020 flat bar specification, chemical composition and mechanical properties

AISI 1020 flat bar specification

AISI 1020 flat bar properties

What does the 1020 hot rolled flat bar mean in steel?

Hot rolling is a process used in steel formation where the steel is rolled at high temperatures of over 1700˚F. The high temperature is made sure to be just above the recrystallization temperature of the steel. This allows the easy shaping, formation, and elongation of steel as per our choice. Such steel leaves a scaly finish which can be removed by pickling, grinding, or sand-blasting.

Such hot rolled steel includes the 1020 Hot Rolled Flat Bar and they have slightly rounded edges and corners with minimal distortions. These 1020 Hot Rolled Steel Flat Bars have increased levels of ductility and malleability which allows them to be turned into various shapes.

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How strong is 1020 HR flat bar?

The Steel Grade 1020 has an ultimate tensile strength of 394.72 MPa and a yield tensile strength of 294.74 MPa. Therefore, the 1020 HR Flat Bar steel offers high strength, machinability, weldability, and ductility. The steel’s Poisson’s ratio is 0.29 and the elongation at break (in 50mm) is 36.5% making it pretty elastic in nature. All the mentioned parameters differ with the process they might undergo.

It is said, however, that the 1020 Cold Drawn Steel Flat Bar is stronger than the Hot Rolled Steel because the metal is shaped at lower temperatures. Due to work hardening, the resistance against tension breaking, steel’s hardness, and resistance against deformation increase.

Non-destructive testing for SAE 1020 steel flat bar and ASTM A576 gr 1020 flat rod using the most recent technologies

Is steel 1020 flat bar a mild steel?

Mild steel is a type of carbon steel consisting of low carbon content when compared with other carbon steels. It is also known as Low Carbon Steel with a carbon content ranging from 0.04% to 0.3%.
The amount of carbon affects the microstructure of the steel which determines its strength and toughness.

Steel Grade 1020 Flats is mild steel as it consists of 0.17%-0.23% of carbon, 0.3%-0.6% of manganese, 0-0.04% of phosphorus, and 0-0.05% of sulfur. They are ductile, weldable, and easy to elongate.

AISI 1020 carbon steel flat rod and 1020 steel flat bar can be hardened or carburized for high machinability, strength, ductility, and good weldability

Can you harden grade 1020 flats?

Generally, AISI 1020 Steel Grade offers low hardenability properties. With a Brinell hardness of 119-235 MPa, AISI 1020 Flat Bar is a low-tensile carbon steel with a tensile strength of 410-790 MPa.
AISI 1020 carbon steel can be hardened by a heat treatment process where it involves multiple procedures. It is heated between 815- 871°C (1500 – 1600°F), which is then followed by water quenching and tempering.

Due to the presence of low carbon content, it is difficult to harden by induction method or flames. However, carburization is another method used in order to obtain case hardness taking in the amount size and parameters of steels such as Grade UNS G10200 Flat Bar.

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CAN SAE 1020 flat bar be welded?

The process of welding is one of the most crucial manufacturing methods used in industries. A metal that is weldable, hence, has a lot of appeal in today’s world and technology. Welding helps in the efficient and fast manufacturing of products.

Mild steel with low carbon content such as SAE 1020 Flat Bar is ideal for welding and metal fabrication. They are versatile in the manufacturing of industrial products and are less expensive than other metals.