AISI 1022 round bar

AISI 1022 Round Bar

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What is AISI 1022 round bar?

It is a low-carbon steel grade. The AISI 1022 round bar has exceptional formability and weldability. The 1022 steel is made using the cold drawing process; hence it has increased machinability, enhanced mechanical properties, and a superior surface finish. The 1022 steel finds a wide range of applications. However, the major applications of 1022 steel include forged motor shafts, as machinery parts, pump shafts, and hydraulic shafts. The 1022 steel round bar is available in various sizes ranging from 1 ΒΌ inch to 2 inches. It is uniformly available in a Hexagon shape.

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1022 carbon steel round bar specification, chemical composition and properties

AISI 1022 round bar specification

AISI 1022 round bar properties

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Difference between cold drawn and hot rolled 1022 carbon steel bar

Cold Drawn Steel is the result of the cold rolling process. It is done when the metal is below its recrystallization temperature. It is the temperature at which you can see alterations in the steel grain structure. The cold rolling of Carbon Steels 1022 Cold Rolled Bar happens at room temperature. In this process, the metal is sent between a pair of rollers to achieve the desired thickness of the metal. Hot-rolled steel is the result of rolling the metal at higher temperatures. The Carbon Steel Grade 1022 Rod is sent through a pair of rollers in a high-temperature atmosphere. The change in size and shape of the metal occurs in the hot rolling process. It has a rougher finish when compared to cold-rolled steel.

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Application of 1022 steel round bar?

The 1022 steel round bar applications include pump shafts, hydraulic shafts, motor shafts, machinery parts, etc. The 1022 Round Bar finds many applications in low-strength areas like fasteners, pins, etc. In machinery parts also, the 1022 steel is applicable in low-stress zones. Some other applications of 1022 steel include general engineering components, welded parts, etc. They are also used in carburized zones like spindles, worm gears, ratchets, Camshafts, gudgeon pins, light Duty Gears, etc.

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What is AISI 1022 low carbon steel bar used for?

The AISI 1022 can find the best use in structural applications. The steel shows the excellent response in areas that require moderate strength. Hence, they are applicable as bolts and fasteners that are cold-formes. They also find applications in motor spindles, recessed-head screws, die pins, and low-strength fasteners. The AISI Type 1022 Carbon Steel Black Bar finds applications in hardened conditions.

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IS AISI G10220 carbon steel annealed?

Yes, AISI 1022 steel can be annealed. The annealing process includes Stress Relief Annealing. The AISI G10220 Carbon Steel Hot Rolled Bar is subjected to 538 degrees Celsius. At 927 degrees Celsius, a full annealing process of the AISI 1022 steel takes place. The Full annealing process includes heating the AISI 1022 steel above its critical temperature to achieve homogeneous austenite. Further, the steel is cooled by the method of furnace cooling. The average temperature for furnace cooling is 50 degrees Celsius per hour.