AISI 1030 steel flat bar

AISI 1030 Steel Flat Bar

AISI 1030 hot rolled steel flats suppliers in UAE

What is AISI 1030 steel flat bar?

Grade 1030 Steel is a type of steels in which carbon forms the main alloying element. This steels is a high carbon (0.30%) manganese steels that also contains up to 0.4% silicon, 1.2% manganese, and elements such as copper, molybdenum, aluminum, chromium, and nickel.

A product of Steel Grade 1030 is the AISI 1030 Steel Flat Bar which is flat and rectangular in shape. Being a high-carbon steels, it has fair machinability, ductility, and good weldability. Also denoted as SAE 1030 Flat Bars, they are used in the manufacture of machinery products of industries. SAE 1030 Steel Bright Flat Bar is the steel that is given a shiny finish after going through certain processes. CS 1030 Steel Sheared & Edged Flat Bar makes another type of product of such steels.

1030 flat bar composition and mechanical properties

AISI 1030 steel flat bar specification

AISI 1030 steel flat bar properties

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What type of steel is 1030 steel flat rod?

Being in the 1030 Steel Grade, the 1030 steel flat rod is high-carbon steel. These types of steels are especially used in the manufacture of products of machinery and hence are used widely all over the world. High Carbon steels form the base of industrial works. It also includes steel products like

Along with 98.67-99.13% of Iron, it contains 0.60-0.90% of Manganese, 0.270-0.340% of Carbon, and small amounts of Sulfur and Phosphorus. It has an ultimate tensile strength of 525 MPa(76100 psi) and yields Tensile strength of 440 MPa(63800 psi).

Ultrasonic non-destructive testing for SAE 1030 carbon steel flat bar and CS 1030 steel flats materials

What does AISI 1030 flat bar mean?

AISI stands for American Iron and Steel Institute. It is a four-digit identification number used to designate carbon steels coil. The first two digits in the AISI number indicate the grade of steels, while the last two digits give the amount of carbon in the steels. The same numbering system is SAE which stands for Society of Automobile Engineers.

AISI 1030 flat bar signifies that the steels product is a high-carbon steel consisting of 30% of carbon as an alloy. The presence of the amount of carbon and other alloying elements determines the properties of the material, in this case, steel. Carbon steel UNS G10300 flats is also the same type of steels called by a different name.

At 871 to 982°C, AISI 1030 carbon steel flat rods is produced with good machinability, ductility, and weldability

Can you run rust on a SAE 1030 flat bars?

SAE 1030 Flat Bars come under the category of high carbon steels and therefore don’t have much of a resistance towards corrosion. This is because they do not typically have enough chromium content in their composition so there’s a lack of formation of chromium oxide layers. This lack of the latter allows oxygen to bond with the iron which results in the formation of iron oxide which is rusting/corrosion.

AISI 1030 steel flat bar are available in sizes ranging from 5/8″ to 4″, and the forms include flat bar/rod and flats

Is 1030 steel flat bars any good?

The AISI 1030 Steel Flat Bar also known as AISI 1030 Carbon Steel Flats comes in the category of Grade 1030 Steels which is known as high carbon steel. The Steel Bars are good as they offer strength and hardness along with ductility.

The Steel Bar has a machinability rating of 70 and the formability of such steels in the annealed condition is good. AISI 1030 carbon steels is hardened with the help of various steps involved in heat treatment or cold working. They are the most suitable for manufacturing industrial parts. The steels is also weldable and it includes products like 1030 Carbon Steel Flat Rod as well.